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Spa Tour Part 4 | Escape From Tarkov

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Through this article, you could examine the spa tour component 4 quest communicate, targets, quest manual, and its requirements. 

Spa excursion issue four is a quest to run from Tarkov. Quests are the fastest mode of incomes enjoy. They additionally deliver cash, the vendor’s recognition, uncommon packing containers, and valuable loot, and might unfastened up new devices for funding. It has a locality software. Get five% cash back on each investment.

Players will cope with the spa excursion element four quest speedy and with out troubles. You will experience the rewards thru this recreation, no longer simplest from the quest itself however also from the invasion, just so have become completed. It continuously gives you each day updates throughout playing, you continually realize what’s taking place. 

So, allow’s start knowing the entire information approximately the spa excursion pt 4–

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Quest Dialogue:

“What can you count on on the equal time whilst things like that preserve taking place, rattling it! We absolutely ignored the electricity deliver: The provincial turbines are out of fee. My humans sorrow electricity shortages. It is definitely no longer okay because time is capital. Many have conveyed their actions inside the spa earlier than us. Explore the mills which are always serviceable. Generators are most likely in locked rooms of each homes at the second ground. We’ll require quite a few them. When you find out the room, simply report to me then.” 


  • Find the mills within the west branch of the health spa. 
  • Find the mills inside the east department of the health spa.
  • Stay and leave the environment.

Task Conditions:

Must be stage 12 to begin the challenge. 


  • EXP: +7,seven-hundred
  • Peacekeeper REP: +0.03
  • a thousand dollars with out a spying middle. 
  • 1050 bucks with spying center degree 1. 
  • 1150 bucks with spying center diploma 2. 
  • 1 x car battery. 

Rewards Dialogue:

There’s a worthwhile talk inclusive of– “Well accomplished my pal, I’ll permit my people understand.”


“The quest in spa tour component 4 requests you to find out the mills in the west department and east department at the shoreline of the health spa. There you could see that the west wing room is locked. You need a key to release the room.  

On the other side, the east wing inn door is continuously unlocked. There you will genuinely need to get right of entry to the rooms and fetch near to the yellow generator. You aren’t forced to live and cast off. So, the search could be finished. And it can have its development in case you are eliminated.”

Other Guides:

Health Resort West Wing Room 219 Key:


The Key is referred to as the west wing room 219 key. Here the 219 secret’s demanded. Also, the west wing room 220 key is wanted for the peacekeeper assignment spa excursion element 4. 

Key Spawn Location:

The key spawn location would be–

  • Maybe in jackets
  • Or inside the wallet
  • In the luggage of Scavs and participant Scavs
  • On the coastline(inside the lighthouse)
  • On the 2nd floor breeds on pinnacle of a broken wood box.

Key Lock Location:

The key lock vicinity would be the coastline within the west wing of the health resort, on the second-floor room 219.

Behind The Lock:

There you discover a few critical subjects behind the lock such as–

  • One spear cabinet
  • One spear field, a 6*3 place
  • Loose loot of money, meds, and ammo. 
  • One Armor generates.

Key Description:

Key inside the west wing of the fitness resort, room 219. 

Health Resort East Wing Room 220 Key:


The Key is called the west wing room 220 key. Here the 220 key is demanded. Also, the west wing room 219 key is wanted for the peacekeeper mission spa excursion element 4. 

Key Spawn Location:

The key spawn vicinity might be–

  • Maybe in jackets
  • Or in the pockets
  • In the bags of Scavs and player Scavs
  • On coastline
  • A key stand in the unlocked residence within the village.

Key Lock Location:

The key lock area may be the coastline in the west wing of the fitness lodge, on the 2nd-floor room 220.

Behind The Lock:

There you find a few essential subjects inside the returned of the lock such as–

  • One four*four slot spear box
  • Two 5*2 slot spear field
  • Rare unfastened loot

Key Report:

Key within the west wing of the fitness lodge, room 220.

How To Complete The Quest?

  • The way fibs to the shoreline. 
  • Find the generators on the map.
  • The first turbines are located in room 220 of the japanese branch of the rest domestic. The room is open, no key is wanted. 
  • The 2nd generator is in room 219. But now the second generator is determined in the west wing of the relaxation home. Here you phrase that the room is locked. And the vital element, you have to have bought it at the Flea Market. 
  • Now, all you need to get out alive from the location. 

Rooms Where The Generators Are Located:

  • West wing 219 or 220– this is locked.
  • East wing 220– the room is usually unlocked. 

Required Items:

When you get admission to the generator from the balcony, the quest may be executed from each 219 and 220 rooms. While room 219 gets you honest entry to the generator, room 220 has barely extra suitable spoils. So, pick out whatever key you want to apply. 

  • The west wing room 219 key: It receives you direct get right of entry to to the generator.
  • The west wing room 220 key: It has just a little bit higher loot generates. 


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