Spectrum Reference Code Rlc-1002 How can I resolve Spectrum Reference Code Rlc-1002


It’s not uncommon for streaming or live TV apps to have problems or make errors. A small number of Roku users were affected by the Spectrum TV app’s recent errors. The cause of this error is still unknown. Spectrum reference code was a popular topic.

This error code causes many problems, especially for users who live in the United States region where this app runs. We will be sharing all details and providing tips on how to fix this error. Continue reading for more information.

What’s Spectrum?

Spectrum TV subscribers have access to many services, including the Spectrum TV app. Spectrum TV App lets you view live TV channels. You can access thousands of movies and shows on-demand from your smartphone.

The huge library also allows you to stream live or on-demand TV content. It can be accessed on your TV or tablet. Spectrum Reference Code Rlc-1002 is causing inconvenience for US users. It is available on all major platforms.

Spectrum TV Offers Services

  • Live TV channels and on-demand content are available.
  • This application allows you to access all major TV channels.
  • Logging in to the app will allow you to instantly start watching content.
  • Spectrum includes all premium channels, original shows, and live broadcasts.
  • This app allows you to program your DVR or set parental controls.
  • Spectrum Mobile offers many other services to its customers.

Additional information about Spectrum Reference Code Rlc-1002

  • This issue prevents Spectrum TV App users from accessing it.
  • Roku users who try to open the app most often experience this error.
  • Since a while, users have only reported the error. It is not possible to find much information.
  • This error is often encountered by Roku users, according to our sources.
  • This error message states that the app cannot be downloaded outside of the United States and other territories.
  • This error cannot be corrected by the official website.

How do I resolve the Spectrum Reference Code Rlc-1002

We will notify you of any Spectrum-related errors if we find them.

  • Try restarting the app if the problem persists.
  • Verify your credentials before you log in.
  • Verify your internet connection is stable.
  • Turn off the device, and restart it.
  • Contact customer service if none of the above steps work.

Final Verdict

Application errors are quite common. Spectrum seems to have been affected by an error that affects Roku users. We have provided all details about this spectrum code Rlc-1002.


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