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Strengthening customer trust: Salesforce overview

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Business owners struggle for improving customer relationships since the time they learned the reality of a highly competitive environment and the impact of clients’ engagement on the company’s profitability. With a huge variety of CRM solutions is there one to help stay connected with users, automate processes and improve efficiency? Salesforce overview can give an answer.  

Salesforce services in a nutshell

Salesforce’s history of success began in 1999 when it became one of the first developer teams to provide cloud computing. At a time when other IT companies still used self-hosted servers and faced large expenses for their maintenance, Salesforce served customers with their digital products through the internet.

Nowadays, more than 150000 companies worldwide have already benefited from this trustworthy partner. With the brand’s cloud CRM businesses have got an opportunity to discover new prospects and widen their horizons of influence. 

Salesforce services are widely used in sales, marketing, HR, support, supply chains, and other areas. With the company’s cloud technology it became easier to make deals and contact customers and business partners, analyze users’ data and provide a better marketing strategy.

Features that distinguish Salesforce from competitors

Statistics show that Salesforce CRM apps comprise around 20% of the market share, which is more than 5 times larger than the numbers of brand rivals, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, etc. What is the secret of the service’s popularity? It lies in its characteristics, which are the following:

  • Rich functionality. Among the variety of Saas, Paas and IaaS solutions clients can find a suitable set of features and a subscription plan which suits their goals and possibilities.
  • Automation. Businesses can streamline routine operations and save space for their expansion.
  • Excellent performance. Salesforce digital products ensure a stable connection, fast loading, and running speed.
  • Improved security. With SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication customers don’t have to worry about software vulnerability and data damage.
  • Perfect usability. Cloud CRM can be used for creating successful marketing campaigns for retaining loyal clients and saving costs.

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How Salesforce boosts business growth

Cloud CRM solutions are aimed to help entrepreneurs reach customers’ expectations and contribute to their engagement. Here is a list of the main advantages organizations can get by implementing Salesforce products:

  • Scalable architecture and functionality which will grow along with the business.
  • Customizable solution which can be adapted to individual requirements.
  • Comprehensiveness. There are dozens of Salesforce-friendly tools that can be additionally integrated into the initial CRM.
  • Technology variety. The Salesforce ecosystem includes an app marketplace and development environment, AI, big data analytics, and a collaboration platform, which can satisfy the full scope of business needs. 
  • Accessibility. The company’s Mobile App allows clients to get the full version of the purchased products on their devices enabling entrepreneurs to manage workflows on the go without delays and be constantly in touch with clients.
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