Stylish and affordable bed frames! Under $300 bed frames on Amazon


This is a great fact! You don’t have to use matching furniture sets to decorate your bedroom. It is perfectly acceptable for your bed frame not to match your side tables or dressers. Although it might seem that buying furniture separately can quickly become expensive, it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Amazon is your solution. We’ve found bed frames to be a hidden gem among all the affordable Amazon finds.

The giant retailer has a wide selection of products that will suit any decor style. Amazon has it all: headboards with or without headboards, tufted, industrial-style platform beds, and everything in between. You’ll find honest reviews from loyal customers which will help you make an informed decision when shopping. Amazon is a great place to start your search before you spend thousands on expensive bedroom sets or spend a lot of money on a single frame. These 14 bed frames are under $300 on Amazon and instantly caught our attention.

This is a tried-and-trued option that looks great

This modern bed frame may be the best Amazon has to offer. The upholstered frame is finished with a chic, elegant winged headboard. This frame is a fantastic find because it is so comfortable. No matter how you lay, the foam padding in your headboard makes it a comfortable experience. An upholstered bed frame is often more than $500 elsewhere. It’s a great deal to find one of this quality for under $200. Trust me, I have it.

What Reviewers Have to Say: ” I wanted a bed that was both stylish and modern–this bed exceeded all my expectations,” a happy customer says about the bed frame. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and end-up with furniture that isn’t well made. This bed is both sturdy and comfortable. A second reviewer noted that the bed is very well-made and affordable.

A minimalist bed frame with ample under-bed storage

Zinus’ platform bed frame is minimalistic. This bed frame does not have a headboard or footboard so it can be easily integrated into existing decor. Zinus sells a headboard option for $10 more if you prefer a headboard. This frame does not require a boxspring. Simply add your mattress to it and you will be set. The frame also has a 14 inch clearance which makes it great for storage under the bed.

What Reviewers Say: With almost 11,000 5-star reviews, this frame is a crowd favourite. One customer wrote, “In short, this frame is my favourite!” The bed is solid, beautiful, and doesn’t squeak at all. I love the height of this bed. It is great for storage and as a place to retreat from my dog. This frame is a great choice.

An Option With An In-Built Box Frame

Platform frames are popular among bed-buyers as they can save money on box springs. Amazon Basic’s steel box spring base has the same functionality as a wooden box spring but it’s made of steel. This is the right choice for those who want a low profile bed frame, but need stronger support.

What Reviewers Say: Nearly 10,000 customers love this product. They rave about the packaging and the price. This product is a top seller because it is affordable, but the quality is better than a traditional box spring. It was made of metal and folded up origami-like. I took a few photos, folded it up, and voila! It was a boxspring shape! I then just put on the huge boxspring-shaped pillowcase and that was it! It took me less than 10 minutes! Took me under 10 minutes!”

A Sleek And Stylish Platform Bed


This Zinus bed frame is a great choice for shoppers who love the look and simplicity of upholstered beds. The bed frame weighs in at 59 pounds and features a modern, sleek metal foundation with wooden slats inside. The simple frame has a neutral, clean look thanks to the dark grey fabric. Are you not a fan of dark grey? You can choose between a striking navy option or a lighter grey one.

What Reviewers Say: This bed does not have a headboard or footboard, but it provides support and quality sleep. One shopper said that even after two years, the bed is still a favourite. It is still sturdy and perfect despite being dragged around to rearrange the room several times. It continues to give us a good night’s rest every night.”

A steel bed frame that can accommodate just about any headboard

This bed frame is one of the more basic and cheaper options on Amazon. However, it’s still a high-quality purchase. This modern platform bed frame is entirely made of steel and can fit most headboards. The 12 inch storage space under the bed frame makes it versatile and adaptable to all decor styles. It doesn’t require a bed frame, and it can comfortably hold 500 pounds.

What reviewers say: The simplicity of this design makes it ideal for long-term usage. This bed frame is ideal for children as it can be adapted to their needs. While kid beds look great in their bedrooms and are adorable, they can be a burden on the children’s bodies. One shopper said that she wanted something timeless, practical and economical. This frame was the ideal solution.

An Ideal Bed Frame For Small Space Dwellers

The bed frame is stylish and functional for under $300. What more can you want? The bed feels comfortable and inviting thanks to the upholstery. Meanwhile, the headboard with button tufted buttons makes it stylish and sophisticated. Most bed frames have 10-16 inches of clearance under the bed for storage. Amazon customers love this bed because it has two drawers built in for concealable storage.

What Reviewers Say: Assembly of bed frames or drawers can be time-consuming. Although most shoppers said assembly was hard, they all agreed that the frame is worth it. Once assembled, this product is beautiful. It looks amazing and has an incredible amount of storage.

A Classic And Durable Metal Option

This Hojinlinero metal bed frame is a great choice if you love the traditional metal look. The frames and support beams are made from metal as are the headboards and footboards. There’s also plenty of storage space under the bed to store your stuff. This design is timeless, but durable and adds a warm vintage touch to any bedroom.

What Reviewers Say: One shopper stated that this bed frame is very affordable. It is strong and can be placed in front of any window. It is a great product that I would recommend again and again.

An Eye-Catching Upholstered Bed Frame 

Traditional, tufted headboards with glam-inspired designs can run upwards to $500. Amazon sells this faux leather, light grey bed frame at half the price. This frame requires a mattress or boxspring, which is not the case with platform beds. The headboard’s nailhead and diamond tufted design give it a luxurious, grand feel that is almost too expensive to be $245.

What Reviewers Say: Most shoppers were sceptical about a frame due to a number of factors, including pricing, photos, and lack of reviews. One customer said, “I was sceptical about this bed because it seemed too good for real.” I decided to take the chance and buy it. It’s a gorgeous bed! It is beautiful, but the pictures don’t do it justice.” Another user adds I was initially hesitant about buying this bed, but I am so glad that I did! It is a great value for money. The bed is much more beautiful than the photos.

A Trendy Bed Frame At An Affordable Price

Urban Outfitters and Article sell sun-inspired headboards that range from $300 to $600. This upholster bed frame comes with a sunrise headboard and is a great budget-friendly option. The bed frame looks great and has a centre leg to prevent sagging.Velcro is used to attach the slats for easy installation.

said one reviewer. Another reviewer says that everything is well-assembled and extremely sturdy. Cross beams are better than my old frame and cost half as much! This bed is a must-have!

Easy-to-assembly rustic bed frame

The rustic-style metal bed frame features a wooden headboard with low footboard and a metal headboard. However, there is plenty of storage space underneath. Rubber strips are pressed into the slats of the bed to reduce noise. To protect your floors, plastic foot plugs have been added to the feet of the bed to prevent them from scratching. The frame is assembled using an upgraded lock design that requires no tools. It is also easy to disassemble.

What Reviewers Think: Nearly all reviewers have one word to describe this mattress: “sturdy”. One customer said, “I was able to assemble it myself and was impressed by the strength during and after assembly.” Another satisfied buyer added, “This thing’s a TANK. No flex, no movement, super reinforced. You can just buy it.

A stylish option with a Hollywood-style glitz


This Allewie frame is an excellent choice if you want to make a bold statement by using a gold bed frame. It’s stunning, from the gorgeous colour to the intricate design on the headboard. This bed frame is not just beautiful. The rubber feet lock on the feet make it extra strong and reduce friction, which allows for a peaceful, quiet sleep.

What Reviewers Think: The majority of reviewers agree with the fact that this bed frame is very well-made, sturdy, and doesn’t shake. This frame is described as “sturdy, elegant” by one customer. Another user admits that he feels completely at ease laying on his mattress.

A Vintage Canopy Frame For Dreamy Vibes


Novogratz Marion Gold Canopy Bed Frame

Canopy-style bed frames can be expensive. Novogratz’s option offers a dreamy look at an affordable price. This is the perfect choice for teenagers or adults who want to make their bedroom a relaxing, dreamy space. The canopy design has a vintage feel, but the straight lines and modern look give it a luxurious, modern look. It also has a built-in headboard and footboard, as well as an elevating frame that gives it plenty of storage space. It is as stylish as it is sturdy.

What are the Reviews Saying: This frame has over 1,500 5-star ratings and is a huge hit with Amazon customers. Although some reviews do mention that it is difficult to assemble the frame, the majority of reviews praise the quality and colour.

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