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Sync your iPhone and iPad in a Few Steps

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This article explains how you can sync your iPhone with iPad using the iCloud service. These instructions are applicable to iPhones or iPads running iOS 12 and iOS 11.

Can you not sync iPhone directly to iPad?

It is not possible to sync iPhone and iPad the same way you sync iOS devices to your computer (by connecting them with a cable, or by syncing via Wi Fi and moving data between the devices). The reasons are as follows:

  • Apple didn’t create iOS or the devices to function in this way. The fundamental concept of how iOS mobile devices manage data is that data can be accessed in the cloud, via the internet or on stationary computers. This is where web-based servers, cloud storage, and your home computer come in.
  • There is no manufacturer that makes a cable to connect two devices.

The solution: iCloud

Apple iCloud allows you to sync all of your data from your iPhone and iPad. They will stay in sync as long as they connect to the same internet, have the same iCloud settings, and you access them with the same Apple ID.

Here are the steps to setup iCloud.

  1. On one device, open the Settings App. Open your Apple ID by tapping your name. Next, select iCloud.
  2. Turn on the toggle switches beside each category of app or content you wish to sync between your iPhone and iPad. You can repeat the process on the second device.
  3. Go to Setting > Accounts & Passwords and make sure that both the email accounts are the same.
  4. To turn on automatic downloading for Music, Apps, Books & Audiobooks on both devices, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. Move the toggle switches to the On/green position.

Once you have iCloud installed on both devices, your data will remain synchronized. This method ensures that your data is identical across all devices. The iCloud can be accessed on iOS, macOS and Windows devices. It keeps your data safe both in transit and in storage.


Purchase Additional iCloud Storage Space

Apple offers iCloud free of charge and 5 GB storage. You can see the amount of iCloud storage that has been used at the top of your iCloud settings screen. You can buy additional storage plans starting at $0.99 per monthly if you don’t have enough space or are close to your limit. Tap Manage Storage> Modify Storage Plan.


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