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TDS Internet Service: Your Official Guide for 2022      

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Internet, internet, internet; sometimes, it’s all we talk about. There’s not much else we can do though given that the internet has become a very important part of our lives. It doesn’t matter whether you work as an employee in a big corporation, whether you are a teacher, or even just a student, the internet is one thing that unites everyone, literally and figuratively.

So, it’s natural to want a steady, speedy, and reliable internet connection for your home and/or office. But, how do you determine which internet service provider is good or bad? You do your homework! You dig into the details, reviews, and ratings for the service provider. And today, we will be doing exactly that for TDS internet service!

About TDS

TDS provides DSL, cable, fiber, and copper internet services in more than 25 states in the U.S. It is also the 10th largest DSL provider with its availability to over 2 million people, specifically for DSL. For its cable and fiber services, TDS has a reach of over 500,000 and 550,000 people respectively. TDS copper internet services are available in over 35 ZIP codes.

Aside from internet services, TDS provides TV and phone services to Americans as well. It is quite rare for a telecommunication company to provide so much variety in terms of internet connections, but TDS has quite remarkably managed to expand and grow its network to serve more and more people in the best way possible.


TDS Internet Plans

When it comes to internet plans, the most common plans you can and will find for TDS are DSL and Fiber. We have compiled the information in a table to make it easier for you to understand. You can find the internet speed and connection type given below as well. As for the pricing, you can reach out to TDS customer support at 1-844-343-1172.

Internet Service Connection type Internet Package Download Speed
TDS Broadband DSL Lite 1 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Express 5 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Turbo 15 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Mach 25 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

TDS Broadband Fiber Fiber Extreme25 25 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Extreme50 50 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Extreme100 100 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Extreme300 300 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

Extreme600 600 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.

1 GIG 1000 Mbps

Speed availability depends on location.


Now, let’s talk a little bit about the plans. TDS offers multiple internet speed options enabling most people to find the perfect fit for themselves without much trouble. Going through the plans from top to bottom, the first internet package, TDS Broadband Lite is the lowest speed you can get.

While you might think it is useless, it is perfect for a single user that wishes to stay connected to the internet and needs to email, browse the web, and occasionally download a song or an e-book.

The TDS Broadband Express and Turbo are good for 2 or 3 (in Turbo’s case) people. With Express, you can manage to do pretty much the same as with Lite, but at a little faster speed. With Turbo, you can do it even faster and you can also enjoy a little light gaming and video streaming.

Lastly, for TDS Broadband Mach, 3-4 users can stay connected, enjoy light gaming, browsing the web, streaming, video chatting, and downloading media.

Coming to the TDS Broadband Fiber packages, the Extreme25 is perfect for 3 or more users. You can manage browsing the web, emailing, gaming, streaming, downloading, and video calling with this speed. The Extreme50 can also entertain 3 or more users in case of emailing, browsing the web, downloading songs & videos, streaming, and gaming. You can also manage to upload data at 50 Mbps with Extreme50.

With Extreme100, you can manage the same things at a faster pace and for more people. Extreme300 is ideal for 4 or more users and you get an upload speed of 300 Mbps as well. Video calls, movie streaming, gaming, etc., all of this is managed perfectly fine with both Extreme100 and Extreme300 packages.

With Extreme600, you can easily connect devices for up to 10 people and more! This plan is perfect for heavy gaming, video calling, downloading songs & videos, and much more! You can even connect smart devices and security devices in your home with this package. The same applies to 1 GIG internet package for TDS. The only difference here is that you get to connect 20 or more people with this package.

TDS Perks

Aside from the fact that TDS has a powerful internet network and your joining is already beneficial, there are some perks you get to enjoy when signing up with TDS. Let’s take a look at what these perks are:

Data Allowance

The data allowance for every plan differs and that is part of the reason why this was not mentioned in the table with the plans. Depending on the availability of the plans in your area and more, the data limit will differ. However, it will be one or the other. TDS plans either come with an unlimited data allowance or a 250 GB data allowance. In most cases, it is the TDS Broadband DSL plans that come with a 250 GB data allowance, whereas the Fiber plans have unlimited data allowance.

Whole-home TDS Wi-Fi+

Minimized internet speed and dead spots at home are unavoidable sometimes. To deal with that problem, TDS offers installation of the TDS Wi-Fi+, with which you get one base station and one beacon included. Beacons are used to eliminate any dead spots and boost signal strength so you don’t have to deal with network instability or lower speeds.

So, if you do face that kind of problem in your home, you can just subscribe to this TDS perk and not worry about it again! Of course, if you want to better the Wi-Fi signal for a bigger area, you will need more than one beacon and TDS can help you with that too.

TDS Mobile App

TDS offers a mobile app that allows you to manage and control your network. If you want to check the internet speed or learn where you could place the beacon at home to increase efficiency, you will find tips and tricks in the app. You can also change your Wi-Fi password, check which device is connected, and much more via the app!

Key Takeaways

Wrapping up, we can make a list of the important points you need to remember from this article and these are:

  • TDS happens to be the 10th largest DSL provider ensuring wide availability in more than 25 states in the U.S.
  • TDS offers two internet connection types widely: Fiber and DSL.
  • TDS Broadband offers the perfect speeds for staying connected for 2-3 people at most, whereas, TDS Broadband Fiber is the perfect choice for 4 or more people who enjoy heavy internet usage and more.
  • TDS DSL internet plans come with a 250 GB data allowance, while Fiber plans come with an unlimited data allowance.
  • TDS offers additional perks like a mobile app, internet security, whole-home Wi-Fi+, etc.
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