The Best March 2022 Travel Insurance “Cancel for Any Reason”


Trip cancellation coverage is an important part of the best vacation insurance plans. Trip cancellation insurance covers 100% of the money you lose in non-refundable prepaid deposits. You must cancel your trip for the reason stated in the policy to be eligible for cancellation.

What if you need to cancel your trip because of something not covered by the policy? This is where “cancel without penalty” coverage (CFAR), comes in. This is an upgrade that allows for cancellations of any nature and provides 75% reimbursement of non-refundable travel costs.

Are you experiencing a sudden fear of traveling? Perhaps you are not happy with the Covid testing requirements at your destination. Perhaps you got into a dispute with your travel companions, and now you don’t want the trip. You can cancel for any reason. It is available shortly after your first deposit.

What is the “Cancel for any Reason” coverage?

You can cancel your trip for any reason with “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance. This allows you to receive partial reimbursement if the reason is not covered under your trip cancellation coverage. If you are unable to travel due to illness, you may be eligible for reimbursement up to 100% of your trip expenses.

If you need to cancel your policy for reasons that are not covered by the base policy, you can use “cancel for all reasons”. You could cancel your policy because of:

  • You have a fear of traveling.
  • You don’t like the Covid testing requirements at your destination.
  • Your resort has received poor reviews.
  • Instead of visiting your grandchildren, you’ve chosen to go.

In general, 75% of the pre-paid, forfeited, and non-refundable travel costs will be reimbursed. In the policy will be listed the percentage of CFAR reimbursement.

You will need to buy a base plan of travel insurance and then add “cancel any reason” coverage within a specified time after you have made your first payment. It usually takes 14 days, but you should check your plan. It will vary from one company to the next.

The minimum cancellation time for a trip is 48 hours before departure. If you are leaving tomorrow, and want to cancel your trip today, then you won’t likely be able to make a CFAR claim.

If you purchase CFAR insurance, make sure to carefully read the policy and understand the cancellation deadlines.

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