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The Best SmartThings Humidity Sensors for Smart Homes in 2022

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A quick Google search for SmartThings humidity sensors results in lots of outdated information and products that are not being manufactured or supported anymore

After some frustration, I decided that I would do some research on my own to try and fill the void.

There are not many SmartThings humidity sensors that are compatible with each other.

Best SmartThings Humidity Sensor

The Aeotec Multisensor 6 is the best SmartThings humidity sensors. Let’s start with the basics.

Relative Humidity

Smart humidity sensors measure humidity levels in the air. This is compared to. Temperature determines the amount of humidity.

The relative humidity (or RH) is the ratio of the moisture in the air to the maximum amount that can be at any given temperature.

RH is measured and reported as a percentage. 0% indicates that the air is very dry. 100 means the air is extremely moist. For comfort and health, the ideal relative humidity for your home is around 40% 20%.

Too little or too much humidity can lead to health problems and other issues in your home.Too much humidity can cause sinus problems.

It is important to measure humidity levels in your home regularly and adjust as necessary.

1) Aeotec Multisensor 6

The Aeotec Multisensor6 is the best SmartThings humidity sensor for the job. This sensor uses Z-Wave Plus technology for monitoring and reporting motion, temperature and humidity.

The humidity sensor can measure RH from 0% to 100 percent and has an accuracy of +/- 5 %. Aeotec has provided specifications and reviews that is one of the most accurate SmartThings humidity sensors.

This sensor can be calibrated wirelessly for temperature, light, and UV measurements to ensure even greater accuracy.

The sensor is tiny and can be placed on a shelf, or screwed to a wall. It’s so tiny that you won’t even know it’s there.

MultiSensor 6 is powered by either its CR123A battery, or a USB cable. The battery life of the MultiSensor 6 is approximately 2 years if it is powered by batteries.

Although you will pay more for the Aeotec multisensor 6, you get what you pay.

You can purchase the Aeotec Multisensor 6 SmartThings humidity sensor here on Amazon.

2) Centralite Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor uses ZigBee technology as well to measure temperature and humidity.

While the Aeotec Multisensor 6, offers only 4 additional sensor capabilities (motion and UV light, vibration, light, and light), does offer the temperature sensor capability.

Although slightly larger than the AeotecMultisensor 6, this sensor measuring 3.5 x 3.46 inches is still very small and will blend well.

There shouldn’t be any issues when syncing with SmartThings. This sensor should be picked up by SmartThings without any problems.

One complaint about these devices is that Alexa does not pick up humidity readings. This sensor may not be suitable if you use Alexa for home automation. You should be fine if you are not.

You can purchase the SmartThings Humidity Sensor, Centralite Temperature Sensor here on Amazon.

3) ZOOZ 4-in-1 Sensor

The ZOOZ 4-in-1 Sensor is last, and it uses Z-Wave Plus technology. This time, it measures motion, temperature and humidity.

This humidity sensor is the last one on my list because it doesn’t work with SmartThings .

This requires a custom device handler. If your tech is savvy enough, and can understand basic instructions this shouldn’t be a problem. For a few maybe too much..

This humidity sensor is solid, if I haven’t scared anyone. To get accurate and specific detection, you can adjust the thresholds for temperature, humidity or light to suit your needs.

Although there were some complaints about the battery life of this device in the past, ZOOZ has since replaced the AAA batteries from ver 1.0 with a new CR123A. This greatly extended battery life.

The device is small and reliable.

You can purchase the ZOOZ 4-in-1 sensor, SmartThings humidity sensor here on Amazon.

Use cases for humidity sensors

Bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens in your home can become too humid while other areas are not as humid.

SmartThings humidity sensors can be used to monitor humidity in an incremental manner, which allows for intelligent automation of dehumidifiers, fans, humidifiers, and motorised windows.

Imagine your humidity sensor detecting that your bedroom humidity is below 10%. When your automation detects low humidity, it triggers a smart switch to turn on the humidifier. The humidity sensor will tell the smart plug to turn off if the humidity reaches 35%.

Automations such as these can be used to control humidity levels and provide maximum comfort with minimal effort.


It can be difficult to find a compatible SmartThings humidity sensor that works in 2022. Many of the available products are out of date or don’t work with SmartThings.

The AeotecMultisensor 6 is the best SmartThings humidity sensor. It’s easy to set up.

Which humidity sensor would you recommend?

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