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The Nerdy Address Of Facebook’s New Headquarters? 1 Hacker Way

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Apple has 1 Infinite Loop, Genentech has 1 DNA Way, and now Facebook has its very own vanity headquarters address: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, 94025. Seen here on a state-of-the-art commercial enterprise card of a Facebook worker, the deal epitomises the organisation’s internal motto “Move Fast and Break Things”. 1 Hacker Way should assist Facebook project the photo that it’s far an engineering organisation in which coders can experiment and locate autonomy in place of bureaucracy.

Facebook is slowly transitioning from its present homes in Palo Alto to the brand new Menlo Park headquarters which you could see pix of here. Back in February, Facebook officially introduced its plans to move into the previous Sun Microsystems campus at 1 Network Drive, which could house as much as 3600 personnel. The especially far off region changed into derided with the call “Sun Quentin” due to the fact personnel are effectively imprisoned there because of the lack of close by restaurants and agencies. Hopefully the playful deal will make it appear extra fun to go back and forth to.

1 Hacker Way is a valuable deal for the campus, even though particular homes have their own addresses. For example, 18 Hacker Way is the prison department. An employee tells us that the campus became in the beginning slated to be addressed 1 Social Circle, however Google+ and its Circles buddy lists led that name to be scrapped.

We’ve compiled a list of some technology companies with conceitedness addresses, but hit us up within the remarks with any we overlooked. Thankfully Facebook selected a much less boring and narcissistic one than Dell, even though the American Physical Society receives my vote because it even made the road call (or odonym) something nerdy.

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  • AOL – 22000 AOL Way
  • American Physical Society – 1 Physics Ellipse
  • Apple – 1 Infinite Loop
  • Dell – 1 Dell Way
  • Facebook – 1 Hacker Way
  • Genentech – 1 DNA Way
  • Microsoft – 1 Microsoft Way
  • Oracle – 500 Oracle Way
  • Sun Microsystems (now relocated) – 1 Network Drive
  • TRW (now Lockheed Martin) – 1 Space Way
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