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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Is the Note 5 superior to the Note 4?

Samsung finally revealed the Galaxy Note 5, promising a multitasking beast behind powerful specs.

The Galaxy Note 4 has some impressive specs and can even run the VR headset without any lag.

How does the fifth generation phablet compare to its predecessor?

Design differences between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4

These two Notes have a very different design. Samsung has given the Note 4 a leather-like, textured back made from plastic.

The team decided to get rid of the texturized look on the new Note. Although it is not clear what material the back is made from at the moment, it looks smooth and like a polished metal. It could be plastic.

To make it easier to hold, the Note 5’s back edges are also curved. Although the edges of the Note 4 are slightly curved, they’re not as prominent.

The Note 4 measures 153.5×78.6×8.5mm, while the Note 5 measures 153.2×76.1×70.6×7.6mm.

The Note 4 weighs in at 176g and the Note 5 at 171g, so there is a noticeable difference in their weight when they are held in your hand.

The S-Pen’s software has been updated, but the hardware has not. Instead of reaching for the Note 5 to pull the pen out, you can push the pen into the chassis and it will click out. It is easier to use and more intuitive than the previous method. You can instantly jot notes on the screen once you have the pen in your hand without opening any additional apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Display

The Note 4 features a stunning Super AMOLED display with QHD resolution (2,560×1,440) at 515ppi. The Note 5 boasts the same display resolution as the Note 4, but at 518ppi, it has a slightly larger pixel density. Both have a 5.7 inch screen, so it’s hard to tell the differences.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Specs

The Note 4 is a powerful device with its 2.7GHz quad core processor and 3GB RAM. Android 5.1 should run smoothly and shouldn’t lag.

Samsung upped the ante with an Octacore Exynos 7420, which is 64-bit compatible and runs at 2.17GHz in its newer Note. This phone is multitasking-friendly and comes with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM.

Camera comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Notes both have 16MP optical image stabilization, but that’s all there is to it.

The Note 5 is perfect for video chats and selfies. It has a 5MP front-facing camera, compared to the Note 4’s 3.7MP.

Live streaming and raw support have been added. You can stream live to your YouTube channel or directly to the camera to share your experience with friends.

Compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a bigger battery

The Note 5’s battery has a capacity of 3,000mAh. This is a smaller number than the 3220mAh last year. Although the Note 4 is slightly bigger, it seems odd that Samsung has reduced the capacity. The Note 5 is lighter than the Note 4 and has more RAM than the predecessor. This means that the battery had to be sacrificed.

Pricing and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Note 5 will be available at AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile as well as US Cellular and Verizon Wireless, starting August 13. Pre-orders can begin August 13.

The 5 was also launched at this high price point with the Note 4 off-contract launch for $800, PS600 (around AU$960).

The Galaxy Note 5 will cost you a lot. AT&T charges $250 for 32GB if you have a 2-year agreement and $349.99 64GB.

This is $50 cheaper than the Note 4 launch pricing, but it still ends up at $740 for 32GB or $840 for 64GB off contract.

It is not expected to be the same in the UK. The Galaxy Note 5 would likely be priced at the usual PS600 or AU$940. Samsung does not currently have a UK release date set for the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Comparison

The Note 5 is a more modern, sleeker version of the Note 4 and is a worthy successor. It’s more attractive to the eye, and the S-Pen offers better functionality.

Although the battery’s smaller capacity is untested at the moment, the 5 seems to be superior in all other respects.

The Galaxy Note 5 is a powerful phone for power users or those who want an advanced multitasking machine. It can handle all your mobile phone requirements.

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