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The Top Netflix Series and Series You Should Watch Right Now

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You need to binge-watch some TV, whether it’s on the weekend or when you are sick. It’s not enough to want it. How do you start? We’re here to help. Below is a growing list of recommended TV shows on Netflix. It was compiled by TV-obsessives. Although the mix includes a variety of lengths and countries of origin, it is all great. You can find the complete list of the top series and TV shows available on Netflix below.\

Vikings: Valhalla

Valhalla is set 100 years after its predecessor series Vikings. It takes place at the heights of a violent clash between the Vikings, English and Pagan religions. A period that began is soon to end as Valhalla will show the end of Vikings’ raiding and conquest of various locations for their own ends. Corlett plays Leik Erikson, who is the first European to step foot on North American continents. This will be years before Columbus. This is a natural progression for the History Channel series, which featured characters that could become even more compelling and with a lot of religious conflict. Carly Lane

Across from the window is the woman in the house

You can guess from the title what Netflix’s new original series is about. It’s a parody for those who love to devour thriller paperbacks at the airport bookstore, which often have a derivative of the show on the front cover. The Woman in the House… is not a series that takes itself seriously (Kristen Bell literally hosts wine is another clue), but it is a thread that leads to the ultimate reveal of the killer. You will enjoy the obvious nod to thriller movies and the hilarious deadpanning through dark comedy, but you’ll be there for the bizarre celebrity appearance at the end. Carly Lane

All of Us are Dead

Cast: Park Jihu, Yoon Chen-young and Cho Yi-hyun. Lomon, Yoo I-soo. Lee Yoomi. Kim Byung-chul. Lee Kyuhyung. Jeon Bae.

Let’s face facts: High school can be difficult. But when you add a zombie apocalypse to the mix, it increases everything to an unimaginable level. You are forced to live in a school with a dangerous threat, which can lead to themes like bullying’s traumatic effects and social media’s pervasiveness. All of Us are Dead quickly rose to the top of the streamer’s Top 10 lists following other Korean series like Squid Game. It’s full of the same deft social commentary that made Squid Game a success, making it a great title. Carly Lane

Queer Eye

This Netflix reality show has been a hit since its debut in 2018. It is a revamping of Bravo’s series of a similar title. And it all comes down to a title that builds on what was there before. The Fab Five are no longer just about helping “the straight guy.” They’re looking for heroes that can help anyone, from trans women to older women to high school prom committee members. This show is all about helping people discover the best version of themselves, whether it’s a fresh wardrobe or a revamped look. Carly Lane

Virgin River

Although I may be a bit biassed with this pick, Virgin River was a great choice for me. Its small-town sensibilities were a perfect antidote against the pandemic doldrums. The romance bonus is something that this fan of the series always loves. Mel Monroe is a city-bred physician who accepts a job at Virgin River after a tragic event. However, when Mel arrives, her current doc-in residence (Matheson), isn’t expecting her. You have a recipe for comfort food viewing that is practically baked into the premise. Carly Lane

Midnight Mass

Cast: Kate Siegel. Zach Gilford. Kristin Lehman. Rahul Kohli. Annarah Cymone. Annabeth Gyish. Alex Essoe. Rahul Abburi. Matt Biedel. Michael Trucco. Crystal Balint. Louis Oliver. Henry Thomas. Hamish Linklater.

Although it seems impossible to claim that Mike Flanagan has done it again, Midnight Mass is a project the writer-director calls his most personal and longest-running. It’s a project that he describes as his most personal, yet the most ambitious, opus. There are many monsters to scare you, just like his adaptations of Hill House or Bly Manor. But, as with all of his other works, there is also a lot of emotional heartbreak. The human story has characters that can be as frightening as ghosts and as menacing to vampires. Midnight Mass may not make you gasp but it doesn’t diminish the series’ impact or longevity, both on Netflix and in horror storytelling. Carly Lane

You are in danger

This is a story as old as time. A South Korean businesswoman and heiress paraglides and crashes in the North Korean section. She eventually meets a North Korean Army captain. He decides to hide her out and instead of turning her in, he does so. If you’ve ever seen romantic TV, this is the story. Many Netflix viewers preferred this K-drama to the COVID lockdown because they wanted to see the epic love story that was unfolding on Netflix. Carly Lane


Badgley’s memorable curtain call on Gossip Girl was a reminder that he wanted to do something more. But, thanks to his role as You’s sociopathic lead, it seems he has found his true calling. He also managed to capture the market for a very appealing talent in voiceovers. Badgley plays the role of Joe Goldberg and must navigate the delicate line between obsession and seduction. The audience is privy to all his thoughts, no matter how disturbing, about his latest romantic fixation. You began life as a Lifetime show, but it found new life on Netflix. It was renewed for its fourth season in 2017, and it continues to be a popular streamer title.

Dear White People

Dear White People is a TV show that transcends the conversation about race. It has a range of characters-driven stories and hilarious pop culture parodies. These conversations are valid, nuanced and valid from their individual points of view. This, combined with occasional deviations into other genre-bending realities or escapades, makes for heartfelt and sometimes hilarious viewing. – Liz Shannon Miller

One day at a time

This 21st-century retelling of Norman Lear’s beloved sitcom was one of the most compelling examples of why reboots don’t always make the worst. It was an entertaining, timely, thoughtful, progressive, and funny addition to the Netflix lineup. Netflix unfortunately cancelled it after three seasons. PopTV aired a fourth season. The series, which focused on a struggling Cuban family in East Los Angeles, was a huge success thanks to Justine Machado as the lead. Rita Moreno stole hearts, minds, and scenes every time she appeared on screen. Future stars Isabella Gomez, and Marcel Ruiz showed that sitcoms can be as entertaining and whip-smart as their adult counterparts. One day at a time might not be as popular, but it is the show that taught us how to appreciate what we have. – Liz Shannon Miller

The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club is based on Ann M. Martin’s classic books. It offers a refreshing and intelligent look at the lives and experiences of young women. The show is anchored by the stellar casting which brought together an ensemble that felt authentic, engaged, and singular. Anyone who grew up reading the stories of Kristy and Mary-Anne, Dawn, Dawn, Stacey, Dawn, Claudia, or Stacey can’t help but be disappointed by Rachel Shukert, showrunner. A new generation will get to know these amazing girls through Season 2, which takes their stories deeper. – Liz Shannon Miller


Maid is a deeply emotional drama with surprising moments of comedy. It stars Margaret Qualley, a young woman who struggles to reclaim her life after she leaves her abusive ex (Nick Robinson). Molly Smith Metzler, the creator, manages to make Alex’s struggles with the American welfare system relatable. Qualley’s performance, especially when she bounces back off Andie MacDowell, is truly amazing. It’s a brief, cathartic and ultimately uplifting story that you will feel good about. – Liz Shannon Miller


What is it all about? It’s all about soup puffy shirts answering machine sandwiches the sponge Festivus a festival ivus for us buttons boobs real and spectacular garages glue on wedding invitation envelopes pez dispensers junior mins Schindler’s List muffin toppings NBC sitcom development Serenity Now…

The short version is: Nothing. – Liz Shannon Miller


Broadchurch is one of the most beloved 21st-century platonic examples of British murder shows. The cast was great back in the day, but they are now stars like Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker. The first season follows the investigation into a mysterious young man’s death. Big secrets are discovered and all build up to a shocking revelation. The subsequent seasons are more focused on the aftermath of the investigation. These episodes may not be as riveting, but the first season is an engaging and cracking binge that will stay with you. – Liz Shannon Miller


Q-Force is a great viewing experience because of the fun Gabe Liedman, showrunner, is having with the story about a group of LGBTQ+ secret agents who try to save the world from the prejudices of their parent agency. Q-Force features a stellar voice cast that includes legends Wanda Sykes and Laurie Metcalf as well as rising comedian talents like Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers and Matt Rogers. There are plenty of references to pop culture and attention for West Hollywood that makes this 20-year-old resident of West Hollywood swoon. – Liz Shannon Miller


Lucifer began on Fox as a supernatural procedural before Netflix revived it for three more seasons. The show’s remarkable success is in how it has developed a loyal fanbase that loves the crime-solving devil. Season 6 is officially the end of the story, but it also provides a lot of answers and wild creative swings to said fanbase, including an animated episode and You’ll enjoy the show if it’s your first time. Regular fans may cry. – Liz Shannon Miller

Money Heist

This Spanish TV series started as a Spanish production. Now, Netflix has made this show one of the world’s most popular shows. Its compelling story of a group of well-trained thieves who pull off a daring heist is a great success. Money Heist, originally called La Casa de Papel, is filled with intrigue and sexy twists. It also features a solid cast that includes local actors that seem to be destined for international stardom. It will be released in two parts during Fall 2021. It features our red-jumpsuit-clad heroes fighting for their lives. We are hopeful for a happy end. – Liz Shannon Miller

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