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There are four main benefits of a desk booking software

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Desk booking has benefits for an entire organisation as well as the individual workers. The following are 4 top reasons why you should consider desk booking in your office.

1. Higher utilisation

Count the number of empty seats in your office right now. The average office desk is occupied only 38% of the time. Isn’t it true that you spend most of your time sitting at your desk in your office? You may not spend as much time there as you thought because of meetings, working from home, lunchtimes, and break out spaces. Multiply that across your entire organisation, and you can begin to see just how much empty space you have.

Desk booking software allows you to keep better track of how many people are using the desks and make new plans for the unused space.

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2. Increased productivity

There has been a time when we have all walked into an office and spent a good few minutes looking for an available desk. If someone is on vacation or out for the rest of the day, you settle in a seat, only to begin your search again once they return. Having people come into an office, sit down, and start working right away is already increasing productivity.

If you want to collaborate with a particular team or person on a specific project, allowing people to choose where they want to work will make collaboration easier.

Providing employees with the workspaces they need and allowing them to choose where they sit is crucial for a happier, more productive workforce since noise disruption is on the rise in the office.

Reduced costs

Generally, desk usage is pretty poor in offices, which results in a lot of unused space and resources. Your business pays not only for the desks but also for the square footage. The computer, the chair, the lighting, the cabling, the phone, etc. The average cost of operating a workstation is £5,746, so when you look at that empty desk around you, think of that cost floating above them, and how it could be better spent.

You can reduce wasted costs by using desk booking software, which ensures you only have the desks and resources you need.

4. Encourage flexible working

Because everyone works differently, it is important to provide workspaces and flexible policies that fit the needs of your employees. While millennials have a tendency to be more open to working in a variety of areas, you cannot forget the other generations working in your organisation – in fact, these people are even more vital to your business’ success. A poor working environment can lead to people becoming demotivated and frustrated, which ultimately impacts retention.

You can identify your different workers with desk booking software and provide flexible solutions to those who need them. Giving your workforce options is a good starting point since everyone faces different challenges in and outside of the office.

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