These 11 neck pain pillows will make you feel like a brand new person


Neck pain can have a serious impact on your life. Neck pain can make it difficult to think about other things when your neck is numb. It’s not surprising that neck pain can start as soon as you get up. You can start your day off on a positive note by making sure you have the best pillow for neck pain in your bedtime routine.

When choosing the best pillow for your needs, there are many things to take into consideration. It is important to have a neck support pillow. It’s also important to avoid pillows that are too flat, old, or lumpy. This will cause you to be more in pain and can throw off your alignment, according to Nicole Nagle DPT assistant professor at Rutgers University’s department of kinesiology.


These are the best pillows to relieve neck pain. You can find the best pillow for your neck pain.


  • Best Neck Pillow Overall: Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow
  • Best Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain: Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain: Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow
  • Best Neck Pillow for Side Sleepers: Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Cushion
  • Best Neck Pain Relief: The Purple Pillow
  • The Best Neck Pillow for Neck Pain: Core Product D-Core Cervical Support Pillow
  • Best Neck Pain Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Bluewave Bed Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam pillow
  • Best Firm Pillow for Neck Pain: Nest Pillow Easy Breather
  • Unconventional Neck Pillow: Mediflow water pillow
  • Best Adjustable Neck Pillow: Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Cushion
  • Best Orthopedic Pillow to Neck Pain: Uttu Sandwich Pillow


The Best Neck Pillow Overall

When you sleep, a gentle contour cradles your head.


Tempur-Pedic is a well-known name in the world of sleep. The wavy shape of this ergonomic pillow is designed to fit your natural curves and neck. The pillow’s Tempur fabric is never flattened and designed to support your neck and relieve pressure while you sleep. You can choose from three sizes: small, medium, and large to find the right pillow for you and your neck.


Best Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain


It is perfectly shaped to hold your neck in place


For those suffering from chronic pain, a pillow that molds to your body, especially the neck area, can make a huge difference. The strategic ergonomic design of this pillow by Epabo allows you to fall asleep in uninterrupted sleep. It also supports your neck, shoulders, and head. This will allow you to feel refreshed and relaxed when you wake up. The pillow’s shape is maintained by breathable memory foam, which allows you to sleep cool and dry.


Best Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain


You can even get built-in armrests


Elviros Cervical memory foam pillow is the best for neck pain


Do you prefer a traditional cervical pillow for your neck pain? You have options with the Elviros Cervical Foam Pillow. The pillow’s contour is a butterfly shape to support your neck and align your head with your spine. The slope at the center keeps your head in a straight line while you sleep. The side has special cut-outs that provide a place for your arms to rest.


Best Neck Pain Pillow for Side Sleepers


It gives you extra support, even on your side


Best pillows to relieve neck pain: Eli & Elm Side-Sleeper Pillow


Eli & Elm’s special side sleeper pillow is designed to support your neck and encourage spinal alignment. You can adjust the firmness and density of the pillow to suit your needs. If you have allergies, the pillow is anti-microbial, mold-proof, and dust mite-resistant. Do you spill something on your pillow accidentally? The cover can be unzipped and washed in the washing machine.


The Best Neck Pillow To Cool You


It prevents night sweats and doesn’t lose its shape


Purple The Pillow is the best pillow for neck pain


The Purple Pillow, made from hyper-elastic and polymers and arranged in a smart comfort grid, is designed to support the head as well as the neck. The temperature-neutral gel grid provides passive airflow and a moisture-wicking breeze mesh covering keeps you cool as you sleep. Its futuristic fill material ensures that it remains in its original shape, providing constant comfort and relief to the neck. Adjustable height boosters make it possible to customize it to meet your specific needs.

Best Neck Pillow for Budget


It’s inexpensive, but it works!


Best pillow to relieve neck pain Core Products D Core Cervical Support Pillow


This pillow is not cheap, but it has many features that will help with neck pain. The unique D-shaped design helps to cradle your head, while the structured cervical roll aligns your neck and supports your spine while you sleep on your back. For maximum support, it has a firm feel. You can choose from full or mid-size options. Both fit in a standard pillowcase.


Best Pillow for Neck Pain in Stomach Sleepers


It’s nice and thin, but supportive


Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel memory foam pillow is the best for neck pain


If you are suffering from neck pain, stomach sleeping may not be a good option. However, you can only adjust your preferred position. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim gel memory foam pillows can be helpful. This pillow is flat and thin, which makes it ideal for people who love to sleep on their stomachs. The pillow is also infused in cooling gel to help you stay cool and comfortable as you sleep. It is protected by a bamboo-polyester shell that wicks moisture away.

Best Firm Pillow for Neck Pain


You can adjust the firmness of your pillow to make it more soft.


Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather pillow can be adjusted to the right firmness for you. The pillow comes with a nice perk: it is overstuffed. If you prefer extra-firm pillows, then this pillow should work for you. This pillow provides firm, but soft support that mimics a down pillow. It also cradles your neck while you sleep. A contoured version is available for side sleepers.


Best Unconventional Neck Pillow


It’s like sleeping on a perfectly shaped raft


Although it may sound strange to use a pillow that is filled with water, this could be exactly what your neck needs. Johns Hopkins University researchers have done an independent study that proved water pillows can reduce pain in the morning. Mediflow’s water pillows are fully adjustable. You can add or subtract water as you need. You can adjust the firmness or softness of the pillow depending on how it is filled.


Best Neck Pain Pillows


It is ideal for people with allergies


This memory foam pillow by Coop Home Goods was designed to prevent the “pillow pinch”, which is when a pillow’s fill slips out from under your neck, and support disappears. You can adjust the amount of fill to your liking. It’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, so you won’t wake up with stuffy eyes.


Best Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain


You can adjust this memory foam pillow


The Uttu Sandwich Pillow’s gentle waves will support your neck as you sleep. The Uttu is adjustable in height, unlike other memory foam pillows. The original Uttu was filled with a high contour of approximately 4.7 inches and a low contour of about 3.9 inches. The middle layer can be removed to give you a height of 3.5 inches for the high contour and 2.8 inches for the low contour. The cover is made from 40% bamboo viscose to provide a cool feel and keep you from overheating in the night. This pillow is suitable for stomach, side, and back sleepers.


How to Choose the Best Neck Pillow


Nicole Nagle, DPT, says that when you go to bed at night, your head should be supported properly so your neck muscles can relax. She says that if you choose the wrong pillow, your neck muscles will be working overtime and it won’t help your neck pain. Nagle suggests that you keep the following things in mind when choosing a pillow to ease pain.


  • Keep in mind your sleeping style. You will find pillows that are specifically designed for certain sleep styles. Nagle states that if you’re a back sleeper, you shouldn’t have your pillow too thin so you can sink into it. To account for the distance between your head and your bed, a thicker pillow might be necessary if you’re a side sleeper.


  • Your alignment is the most important thing. Your neck and head should be supported by the right pillow. Nagle states that your shoulders should not rest on the pillow. Nagle says that the goal is to have a neutral spine. This means your head shouldn’t be too far forward or reverse.


  • Personal preferences can be made about firmness and material. Nagle states that the main goal is to align your head, neck, and spine. Nagle says that if a pillow with a greater firmness will help you keep that alignment, then go for it.


  • See the reviews. Although online shopping can be difficult, it is a common practice. Nagle suggests that you read online reviews and descriptions before making a purchase. A company with a great return policy is even better.


Common Questions about Neck Pain Pillows


Can Pillows Cause Neck Pain?


Neck pain can be exacerbated by sleeping on the wrong pillow. Your neck can be strained if your pillow is too thin or too thick. This can lead to neck pain. It’s possible your pillow is not providing the right amount support, even if it feels good at first. Proper pillows align your head with the mattress and keep your head straight.


What Pillow is Best for Neck Pain?


There’s no one pillow that is perfect for everyone. However, the best pillow to relieve neck pain has two key characteristics. It’s firm enough not to move your head, but soft enough to give some relief from pressure points.


Memory foam and feather pillows make excellent choices because they not only provide support but also cradle your neck to help keep your spine straight. These pillows are also highly recommended. They have a depression at the center and raised edges. The best pillow for neck pain might not feel completely comfortable the first time you use it. It may take some time to get used to it.


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