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These 14 sofa beds are as stylish as they are functional

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Sleeper sofas can alleviate the burden that comes with hosting guests for the night. There’s still a need to clean up and arrange the right sheets as well as sheets together, but the one thing you do not have to figure out is working out where exactly they’ll be crashing. When you’re in possession of a spare room it’s a given that you can sleep there, but there aren’t many people who have enough space to accommodate that. If you’re lucky enough to have room for a sofa, however, you’re in luck. Most comfortable sofa beds can create an instant guest space within your living space (plus it’s a longer-lasting option than is an inflatable mattress). Simply unfold the mattress and- you’re done!–the question of where to put your guests to sleep is resolved.

Classic sofa beds are built around the mattress mechanism that pulls out; however, there’s a vast range of options for sleeper sofas that are comfortable. Some are flat and on their backs, while others come with folding cushions that can be used to make an inviting instant bed. There are many choices that can be made custom and some which are modular. be aware that custom orders can require several weeks before shipping and so make sure you verify the timeline prior to purchasing.

However, the ideal sofa bed for you is based on many factors such as your budget, the space, and overall design. Are you unsure what to do? Sleeper sofas of this type are top quality and will look gorgeous within your home’s living space (or any other space in your house).

Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa

The top sleeper sofa in the market is a steal. It’s made from a mix of solid and manufactured wood, it’s sturdy enough to hold two sleepers (up 500lbs) on the queen-sized mattress. It’s got a classic elegant design with piped details and neutral shades which make it an easy fit into any style. To customize it to your taste you can pick between around two dozen of the fabrics.

The Best Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa

Its Shelter Sofa is among the most well-loved items from West Elm available, and you can buy it with a sleeper sofa design. Similar to the original version, this sofa bed is stylish and a cocoon-like couch during the day but can be transformed into a queen-sized bed in the evening. The pull-out mattress is constructed out of 2 layers of memory foam. One is one that is infused with gel to provide maximum comfort. The couch itself is completely customized with a variety of 75 different fabrics and shades available.

The most luxurious and high-end Sleeper Sofa

With its arms rolled with diamond-tufted back, luxurious down, and feather cushions, you could choose to lay on this Wendover sleeper Sofa from Frontgate on top of your mattress. It opens up to reveal a queen-sized 4 inches thick memory foam mattress and the frame of steel and kiln-dried wood foundation ensures that it’s strong and won’t swell regardless of how often you use it. There are two different upholstery options – natural linen and dove gray that are available for fast shipping; however, if you don’t require it immediately you can choose from 84 custom-order alternatives to choose from.

The Best Sleeper Traditional Sofa

This is a classic and comfortable choice. The most popular Henry Sleeper from West Elm has a simple design and a variety of options that can be completely customized. Pick your favorite material, mattress size, and what you would like: a basic spring mattress or the deluxe memory foam. They are also reversible to allow simple flipping.

Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

The La-Z-Boy brand has become synonymous with luxury. This Mackenzie Sleep Sofa proves that the company offers more than just leather recliners. The sofa, with an innerspring mattress that is queen-sized concealed inside, is built with ComfortCore cushions as well as a foam back blow-blown fiber that is double-picked, which keeps it in shape. There are more than 500 options for the upholstery to pick from, and you can also upgrade to cushioned seats made of gel for greater comfort (at an extra cost).

The Best Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Sectionals could, in reality actually, as sleeper couches. The right-hand side of this sofa is pulled out to the same level as the chaise and creates a twin-sized sleeping space. A tip to keep additional blankets and pillows inside the built-in storage container underneath the chaise to ensure guests do not have to search in the laundry room.

Best Chaise Sleeper Sofa

The Catalina recliner sofa with a reversible chaise is comfortable and functional The design is nearly completely customizable. You can pick from the 61 colors of fabric along with two leg finishes as well as two queen mattress styles: standard mattress or 4.5-inch memory foam. The chaise lounge can be placed in the opposite direction of your sofa to make it fit in perfectly with the space you have.

The Best Small Sleeper Sofa

With just 56 inches of length, the sleeper sofa is certainly small. However, there are plenty of useful space-saving features in this tiny unit. The Desilva could be used as an ideal lounger, love seat, or bed, based on your needs at the moment. Simply grab the straps on the front and gently pull them to make a bigger sleeping area. Apart from being comfortable for sleeping, the piece comes with pockets built into the sides that can be useful to store your remote, your books, or even your phone.

Best Sofa Bed

Burrow is a bit different. Instead of a conventional sleeper sofa with a pull-out similar to the other models listed Burrow provides a sleep kit priced at $295 that is a perfect match for its modular, custom Nomad Sofa (a very popular design for its own sake). The sleep kit includes everything you require–a memory foam mattress and a customized sheet set, blanket, a pillow, and an eye mask that can be turned into a bed, without having to move any furniture. It’s also resistant to stain and scratching and will hold up to regular visitors (including pets).

The Best Sleeper Sofa in Leather Sofa

This leather sofa is a true chameleon that allows you to alter the appearance and feel by adding blankets and throw pillows. A wooden frame of pine creates solid seating, and the cushions are wrapped with fiber, high-resilience polyurethane foams that provide the most comfortable, yet firm feeling. The sofa has an oversized mattress made of gel so that guests will get a comfortable night’s rest, even if they are in a different location. Select from top-grain or vegan leathers in a variety of shades for an overall appearance that matches your personal style.

Best Futon

The futon is stylish and stylish, and has a striking pattern on the back cushion, making this an eye-catching piece. The backrest can relax at 3 different positions, so you can relax when you’re reading, as well as lay it way flat to sleep. The mattress in twin size is constructed of foam with a firm, comfortable, yet firm feel when you’re sitting or lying down.

Best King Sleeper Sofa

You won’t have to fret about your parents getting uncomfortable and cramped in this sleeper sofa that measures 86 inches long. The large mattress gives them ample space to spread out and, according to the reviews of buyers, the gel mattress is the best and an excellent bed. There’s also a queen alternative in the same fashion in case you feel it will take up a lot of space in the living space.

The Best Chesterfield Sleeper Sofa

This selection at Pottery Barn proves you don’t need to sacrifice style in exchange to be comfortable. A classic Chesterfield sofa that has arm rolls with diamond tufting, legs that are tapered, you’ll not even realize that it can double as an extra sleeper sofa and a very comfortable one, too. It conceals a 5-inch thick memory foam cushion that adjusts to the sleeping position without sliding. There is a 10-week lead-time but it’s worth it: You can pick from several different fabrics with over two dozen different colors.

The Best Sleeper That Goes With Everything Sofa

You can find an extra-long sleeper sofa for your office or rec room space, this sofa is a perfect fit for every style. Solid pine and a constructed wood frame are constructed to last, while an elegant spring cushion design guarantees plenty of seating comfort. The trundle is pulled out from the sofa and raised using an elastic strap that folds in to create a queen size bed so that your guests can lay in comfort and space.


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