These are the 5 best Sona skins from League of Legends


Sona is a popular support champion in League of Legends. Sona’s easy-to-learn support kit includes a wide range of abilities that can be used to improve allies or impair enemies.

Sona is a strong support pick for casual and ranked players since her introduction. Sona’s popularity and simple play style have earned her a wide range of skins. There are nine cosmetics available for players to choose among the support heroes.

These are the top skins for Sona in League of Legends.

These are the top five Sona skins from League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Arcade Sona

Image via Riot Games

Arcade Sona is most likely the most loved Sona skin. It can be seen quite often inside-game. This skin was released as part of the Arcade skin collection. It shows Sona using a game controller instead of her default appearance. Sona has a new outfit, rainbows, and stars, in addition to her weapon. This suits her playful, bright aesthetic. Sona can use this skin to create a variety of animations and sounds that are inspired by retro video game sounds.

This legendary skin costs 1,350 RP. However, you get a retro, fun skin that is easily the best skin for Sona.

DJ Sona

Image via Riot Games

In keeping with her musical theme, DJ Sona replaces Etwahl by a set of DJ decks. The Ultimate skin features a variety of upgrades, including animated textures, new particles and animations, as well as unique particles that allow her to use her abilities and attacks. Riot created a carefully thought-out collection of sounds to complement the skin’s music-inspired aesthetic.

This skin is as stunning as you can find in League. The 3,250 RP price tag comes with the quality and depth. Sona is not going to be an affordable skin for everyone, even players who use it often.

Pentakill Sona

Image via Riot Games

Pentakill Sona is yet another skin inspired by music for Sona. It offers Sona fans something totally different. The Gothic rock-inspired skin collection Pentakill Sona has created a variety of skins for League of Legend champions. This skin is distinctive because of its black attire and menacing weapon skin.

Pentakill Sona is the right skin for you if you want a darker Sona appearance.

Odyssey Sona

Image via Riot Games

Odyssey Sona is a unique and divine take on the champion. This skin is Aztec-inspired and one of the few Sona skins that is not tied to music. Odyssey Sona offers a variety of sounds, animations and visual effects that make it a great skin.

Odyssey Sona costs 1,350 RP. This skin isn’t tied to Legacy Vault, so it is available for purchase at any time in the store.


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