This Eufy cordless handheld vacuum is on sale at the lowest price today


Amazon has reduced the price of the EufyHomeVac H30 Mate by 27%. It is now only PS123.49 . This cordless handheld vacuum is the most affordable we have seen. It is perfect for quick cleanups. (Not available in the UK) Scroll down to find the best cordless vacuum cleaner deals for your area.

The best cordless vacuums let you clean your floors without having to be tethered at an electrical outlet for sweeping up crumbs. They can be expensive so it is important to find a great deal on a cordless vacuum.

The Eufy HomeVac Mate handheld vacuum is lightweight and slim, with a 20-minute battery life. The vacuum has a 0.25-litre dust canister, which is smaller than other cordless vacuums. However, it offers two levels of suction power.

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Eufy HomeVac H30 Mate PS169.99 PS123.49 at Amazon

PS46 Discount Amazon has reduced the price of the Eufy cordless handheld vacuum by 27%. It comes with a storage dock that charges the device while it’s docked. This cordless vacuum’s price has dropped to the lowest level we have ever seen, beating even the prices we saw. Black Friday And Cyber Monday . This deal is only available today so make sure you grab it quickly.

Eufy HomeVac Mate H30 Mate includes a 2-in-1 crevice instrument. It has an angled nozzle, a brush and a dusting tool. There is also a motorized tool for cleaning pet hair or cookie crumbs from carpets. The handheld vacuum collected fine dust as well as larger particles from hard floors and carpets. Even at the lowest setting, it was effective in our tests.

The battery lasted for nine minutes at full power, which is less than some cordless vacuums and more expensive models. However, it’s long enough for handheld use since it’s designed to be used in short bursts. The vacuum was noisy when in use. It registered 80dB on our decibel meter when it was at its most powerful setting. This is the same noise level as the larger Dyson.

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