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TIKTOK What does ‘I was running through the six with my woes’ mean?

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One of the most famous TikTok songs is a snippet from the 2015 Drake music “Know Yourself.” In the snippet the road “I changed into going for walks via the six with my woes” is said, then repeated with greater emphasis, and is accompanied by “You recognise how that sh!T pass.What does this line suggest and why is it viral?


The strength of the sound chunk comes from the reality that the second time the road is stated it’s started with extra ardour and projection. The reality that its type of an unusual string of words aids in its ability to end up a viral TikTok sound. Because the words are almost unintelligible it makes it easy to mission the words at the display and experience them through the exclusive feelings of the sound.

People usually use the tune to emphasise a truth that they before everything casually express after which, with more emotion after processing, what a profound impact something it turned into had on their life. Often it’s a hard topic, however now and again it used to emphasise processing something advantageous and high-quality that they did. Sometimes, an author will no longer repeat the identical text, and alternatively progress their narrative or attain a conclusion with the second one statement.

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One manner to interpret “I changed into jogging via the 6 with my woes” is assuming that the “6” street, and that the protagonist is walking via a street together with his issues, or “woes.”

For Drake, “the 6” way Toronto, however “woes” might also have a mile extraordinary which means than it seems to at the surface.. It doesn’t suggest sadness or troubles. According to an interview with Toronto rapper Devontée, WEO approaches “operating on excellence,” and it could be used to mean a set of friends or friends who are all Working on Excellence collectively.

“Woe is my group,” Devotée told Noisey in 2014. “It stands for ‘running on excellence.’ It’s simply my complete logo and my complete motion and my manner of life for everyone. I want all people to work on excellence. So, all my buddies are my Woes and I sense anyone operating on excellence in life is a Woe in lifestyles as nicely.”

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