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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Guest Accommodation – From Budget to luxurious!

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Are you looking for a place to stay in Delhi? If yes, then these top  tips will help you choose the perfect pg in north campus Delhi accommodation. Delhi is a city that has become very popular over the last decade. The population has increased from 2 million in 2001 to 8.5 million today. This means that finding accommodation in Delhi is becoming harder and harder.Finding good accommodation in Delhi is no longer a problem. There are plenty of options available and you can easily find them using the top tips.

 Know what you want

Before contacting any accommodation provider, it’s important to know exactly what you need or what you expect your holiday/accommodation experience in Delhi to be like.Do they provide Wi-Fi? Do they have a parking facility? Does the property offer family facilities, such as babysitting service etc.? Once you know what you require, it will be easier for you to narrow down the list of possible providers of pg near delhi university North campus.

Read reviews about the provider

Once you have chosen who you would like to book with, read their reviews on the internet. Review websites have lots of information including photos of the accommodation provider and even customer feedback. By reading other people’s experiences, you will get a better idea of whether you should continue with this provider and also if there are any negatives.

Check out online booking sites

You can use an online booking website to compare prices and rates between different properties before making a decision. These websites allow customers to view various properties quickly by uploading maps and checking availability and price details. They are also useful when searching for accommodations because they give you more options depending on which dates you enter into their search bar. You might notice that certain websites show only premium hotels whereas others show budget stays too. It all depends on how much trust you have in that particular website so do some research and see which one suits you best.

 Compare costs

Once you have selected whom you wish to pay with, comparing costs is key. Prices vary tremendously due to things such as location, number of rooms available and quality of room, amongst many other things. Using the same criteria we mentioned above; make sure that you check and compare pricing between at least three different places before deciding where you want to go. Try not to feel bad when one company charges less than another – sometimes this can happen when companies compete against each other (this will save you money).

Consider amenities

When you look through the list of prices from your previous step, you may be able to spot some differences. For example, does one hotel offer free breakfast but another doesn’t? Or perhaps they both have Wi-Fi but one offers it for free and the other asks you to buy it separately. Be aware of all the extra charges that the accommodation provider may add to your bill.

 What makes a good rating system?

The overall star rating is often used to represent the overall satisfaction level. However, ratings are subjective so always judge a rating based on the positives and negatives that were mentioned by past customers. If the majority of reviews rate a place highly then you will probably have nothing to worry about but if most give it a low score, take note! This could mean something isn’t perfect somewhere.

  Read the fine print

Most of us don’t really think twice about doing this but we must bear in mind that not everything is what it seems. Always read the small print or terms and conditions carefully. Some providers may try to trick you into signing papers without giving you enough time to reflect. The worst thing that can happen is being caught off guard once you’ve made a commitment.

Have a backup plan

Sometimes things just don’t work out according to plan, such as the weather and flight situation etc. Having a backup plan is essential. Maybe you are going away unexpectedly on short notice or you need somewhere else to stay while you wait for your travel plans to change. Make sure you have alternative accommodation booked too.

 Know when to ask for a refund

Once you have accepted the booking terms, there is no turning back. If you find yourself unhappy with the service provided, do not hesitate to question it and ask for a refund. Never accept any payment without proof of receipt first!


Whether you choose to book direct with the owner of the property or via an agent, there are plenty of ways to find great paying guest accommodation in Delhi, India. In addition, travelling around the country has never been easier thanks to modern transport links and the advent of online booking platforms. Most importantly though, always be vigilant as these types of lodging should never cost more than a few hundred rupees per night. Use our tips and tricks to ensure you get a better deal on your next trip!

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