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To Blog or Not To Blog?

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Blogging has become increasingly popular with the rise of social media influencers. Many out there now have a designating blog they post. There are many reasons people are attracted to joining the blogging world, but there are also reasons it may not be the best option for someone. It is a decision one should not jump into lightly. It is vital to look at both sides.

Reasons to Blog

There are numerous reasons someone may be drawn to starting a blog, and it indeed can open doors and comes with many possibilities for the future.

Many will use their own experiences to inspire their audience. Inspiring people through writing is a beautiful feeling. There are many ways a blogger can inspire people, such as creating art with words, encouraging people who may be struggling, making changes in their life for the better, and helping others. A blog can be a powerful thing in others’ lives.

People may also use blogging to improve their writing and learn new skills. Blogs have significantly impacted a person’s writing ability as they continue to post. There is also the opportunity to learn a new skill. There is a lot that goes into blogging. When starting a blog, one may learn skills to design a webpage and graphics, market through email and social media, and learn to increase blog views and the best SEO practices.

Blogging also has the potential to generate income. There are even some who earn their entire income through blogging. It is in no way easy to do, but not impossible. With that possibility, it is entirely plausible for blogging to become someone’s dream job. The early stages may not bring in any profit, but it has the potential to become the career of their dreams.  

Reasons Not to Blog

With every new thing, there are good things, and there are also bad things. The same goes for blogging. There are upsides and downsides.

If someone is not fully prepared to maintain a blog, they can find it more stressful than fulfilling. It is hard work keeping up a blog. To create a blog that thrives, a person must work more hours than a regular nine-to-five job. These hours can cause family time to be cut short, especially in the beginning. If someone is not patient and dedicated, it is probably best not to begin blogging.

People must also understand that this is not a quick way to make money. Blogs are not something that brings in the cash immediately. It could take months or years before the money starts coming in. There is also no fixed income. It fluctuates. Some months it may go well, others not so well.

There can also be a lot of loneliness in the blogging world. It is a work-from-home type career, so it is essential to understand that there are no interactions with coworkers. It can also affect mental health since constant use of social media impact a person’s mental health.

There are pros and cons to pursuing blogging, and deciding if one will go down this path depends entirely on the individual. Therefore, it is important to know both sides before jumping in.

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