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Top 10 Android and iOS tennis games

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Your mobile phone can help you achieve game, set, and match

Wimbledon is a deeply ingrained event. It has white uniforms, strawberries and cream and lots of grunting.

Some people are not able to make it to the event, but most will find a Wimbledon live stream and maybe little else to keep them entertained.

There is no better way to get yourself ready for the next round than to play some of the best mobile tennis games, whether they are on iOS or Android.

There are many simulations to choose from, including straight simulations, arcade score attacks, touch farming in the style of clash of clans and statistic-based simulators.

Continue reading to see ten of the best tennis games for Android and iOS.

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  1. Tennis Champs Returns Season 3

Play Store Android 3.59

Also available at App Store for iPhone

This option, which is based on an Amiga game, is quite different from the rest. It features pixel art straight out of the 90s and a simple control scheme that is both easy to understand but hard to master.

This game is easy to pick up but still offers some depth. It also allows for some experimentation and strategic thinking. You have quick play options and a deeper story mode to fight.

  1. Stick Tennis

for Android  Play Store

Also available at App Store for iPhone

Simulating is not for you? You want instant gratification but not so keen on simulation? Stick Tennis is your answer. It is a great choice for anyone who loves tennis.

It may not have the same depth as Pong but it’s just as addictive.

  1. Virtua Tennis Challenge

for Android  Play Store

Also available at App Store for iPhone

The Virtua Tennis games were released by Sega in the 2000s for various consoles. They were quick and arcade-like, making them a staple of the game for many years.

Although the model is a bit heavy, it’s a well-executed port of a classic series. It offers addictive gameplay, enough challenge but not too hard, and a variety of courts and characters. There are also well-implemented controls.

  1. Ultimate Tennis

for Android  Play Store

Also available at App Store for iPhone

Ultimate Tennis rounds out the range of simulation options. Although this simulation option is more leery than the other options (think Dead or Alive), there are still some depth and engaging control schemes.

It allows play to be done one-handed and focuses on positioning as well as timing. The user is encouraged to take initiative in setting up counter swings. This is a great product for the low price of nothing.

  1. Timber Tennis

for Android  Play Store

Also available at App Store for iPhone

Timber Tennis by Digital Melody is another option. This title is full of humor and features the player playing against other tennis players using fireballs, balls, bombs, and more, all at breakneck speed. The game also features characters from previous games by the creator, complete with their lumber-related attire and pixel art stylings.

This is a great game for quick, if not too long, moments on the bus.

  1. Tennis Manager 2019

Android: No Charge from the Play Store

iPhone: No Charge from the App Shop

Are you not interested in instant gratification Are you looking for something deeper and more rewarding? Enter Tennis Manager.

This title allows you to coach a rookie player as they climb the ranks to the top of the world rankings. You will be responsible for training them daily and micromanaging their every move to make them a top-notch player.

Although the art style is not as strong as it could be, this is still a great option for anyone looking for strategy and a challenge.

  1. 3D Tennis

Android:Free From the Play Store

Here’s another entry in the world of simulation. It offers a compelling control system, as well as interesting visuals and a polished interface. 3D Tennis’ physics engine is the key, and it is said to be more advanced than any of its competitors.

This aside, the game is still fun. It has a Quick Play mode for quick bouts and a World Tour mode for those who want to dig deeper.

  1. Flick Tennis


for Android  Play Store

Also available at App Store for iPhone


Sometimes simulation, instant gratification, or management can feel a bit bloodless. When this happens, what you want to play is something with some soul and a bit of story.

Flick Tennis is a very basic game from a gameplay standpoint (the title is very descriptive in this aspect), but it offers a story mode with animations and a soundtrack, as well as a comic-book narrative structure. It’s a quirky entry, but it’s worth a look.

  1. Pong

Android: No Charge from the Play Store

Pong was not only part of the original ‘big bang” of video games in late 1970s, but it is also a classic, if somewhat abstract, tennis game whose gameplay has stood the test of age.

This version of CODA Masters is our favourite, thanks to its small file size, quick loading, responsive controls, and minimalist interface that doesn’t attempt to improve upon the original. This is a great release for table tennis/tennis.

  1. Tennis Club Story

Play Store for Android 4.29

iPhone: $5, PS3.49 at the App Store

Few developers have managed to create such a niche in mobile management as Kairosoft. The game-maker is a master of the mobile management genre and has created an addictive and charming title.

It is a great option for a lazy commute and can be used to fill hours.

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