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Top 10 Living Room Ideas That Are Fun and Functional

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There are many options available when it comes to decorating your living space. This can be both thrilling and daunting. Are you looking for something calm and Zen to relax in after a long day? Or do you want something bright and vibrant with enough seating to entertain guests on a regular basis.

We have gathered the best living room ideas to suit all lifestyles and households. If you’re unsure which type of living space will best suit your needs, read on.

Natural Clay Wall Treatments are an option

According to Mitchel G. David (Founder of Beach Life Ocean City), natural clay-colored living rooms are in high demand. The wall’s light clay colour adds a freshness to the furniture and portraits, while also highlighting the darker tones of the fireplace. It appears light pink in certain lighting while others see it as more beige.

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

Geoff Cash, Founder of Refresh Remodelling, suggests making use of multipurpose furniture–especially for those who have small living area space, these kinds of furniture are a lifesaver. Cash recommends furniture that is beautiful and multifunctional. You will save money because you won’t have to buy as much furniture for your living room.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Stress relievers are natural elements. You will feel more relaxed if you have natural elements in your home. You can bring the outside into your living space by incorporating natural elements.

Make your sofa the focal point

You can create a feeling of cosiness and comfort by making the couch the central point of your room. Lynne Sade, founder of A Farmhouse Reborn, says that inviting couches makes a room feel cosier and more comfortable than a pair of chairs.

Choose a neutral wall colour

Sade says that living rooms should be fun and interesting. However, the wall colour does not always have to match the theme. A pretty white/off-white/cream wall colour softens walls and allows for the colour to shine through accents like furniture, pillows, artwork, and other items.

Look at Neutral Furniture and Accessories

You can balance a bold wall colour with neutral accessories and furniture. Savannah Phillips, an Interior Designer at The Knobs Company, says, “When designing anything, I always think of flexibility. It is an absolute must that you include some easy-to-coordinate colours like neutrals. Even if you don’t like to change your decor or furnishing often, neutrals can help bring the room together.

Clean Lines are your goal

Phillips shares that one of my favourite ways to design a house is to use minimalistic and clean lines. Phillips shares that even though the most trendy decor items are constantly changing, the basic geometrical design of furniture pieces is still very much in fashion. This allows buildings to be functional and requires clean lines. Using this style in furnishings and design elements creates a timeless look that will never go out-of-fashion.

Take into account Greys and Blacks

Phillips says that while black and grey are often considered a shameful or feared design choice, she cannot stop loving black and grey designs. A black exterior or darker colour will absorb more sunlight and heat than a lighter one, which can lead to a lower heating bill during winter months. Blacks and dark greys are great for hiding minor imperfections and dirt. If you don’t want to go all-black, dark accents can be used on doors and windows to add depth to the home.

Find Reclaimed Windows

A salvaged or reclaimed wooden frame can be hung on the walls of your living room. This embodies the belief that there is no waste. The reclaimed window frames add a warm, cozy feel to your living room wall or mantel. For a personal touch, layer a few frames with other reclaimed objects or add a photograph to the window.

You might consider adding exposed wood accents

Faux wood beams can be added to the ceiling of your living room to create the rustic look of a farmhouse or cabin. Choose wood with imperfections. Reclaimed wood can be reused if you are able to.

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