Top 10 Wood Manufacturing Companies in the USA



woodworking business. Lits shines a light on the Top 10 Wood Manufacturing Companies of the USA.

It can be difficult to find a manufacturer online for your woodworking business. This is often when entrepreneurs hit a roadblock. This is due to the fact that there are many options available, making it difficult to find the right wholesale supplier, manufacturer or distributor for your woodworking company.

Here is a list of the top 10 wood manufacturing companies in America:

Rockler :

Is there anything better than Rockler building something lasting with your own hands? Woodworking is a great way to bring out the best in yourself, whether it’s repairing an old chair or improving your kitchen cabinets. Rockler Woodworking is a family-owned business with more than 65 years of woodworking experience.

The company is one of the largest wood manufacturing companies, with a national chain of stores and strong online presence. However, they take an individual interest in every project. Phones are answered by real people at the Minnesota headquarters. Rockler is well-known for its high-quality products and outstanding customer service. It is also one the most respected wood-manufacturing companies in the USA


Benefits and Advantages: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware was established in 1954 and supplies high-quality tools, hardware, timber and know-how for woodworkers and anyone who enjoys doing things themselves. Rockler is the go-to place for professional and amateur woodworkers looking for jigs and accessories to their shops.

Rockler has the hardware and tools you need to complete any project.

  • Contact: 1-763-478-8201
  • Address: Medina, Minnesota, United States
  • Email:
  • Website:

Weyerhaeuser :


WeyerhaeuserCompany was founded with 900,000.00 acres of forest, three employees, and a small office in Tacoma (Washington) more than 100 years ago. Frederick Weyerhaeuser founded Weyerhaeuser in 1900. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the most respected green forest products companies in the world. It is the largest wood manufacturer in the USA.

Benefits and Advantages: Weyerhaeuser is a company that has been cultivating trees for over a century and making forest products since then. This has had a profound impact on people’s lives and made countless improvements to their quality of life. The company maintains a sustainable and continuous cycle for the millions of acres of forest.


UFP Industries, Inc :


UFP Industries Is an industrial holding company that manufactures and distributes a variety of products for residential and commercial building, packaging and industrial use. UFP Industries, Inc. was established in 1955. It has operations in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere in the world.

UFP Industries Inc. was previously called Universal Forest Products Inc. and is a distributor and manufacturer of wood and wood-alternatives products, pressure-treated timber, engineered roofing systems for prefabricated and site-built homes and a purchaser of solid sawn lumber.


Benefits and Advantages: The firm was featured on the Fortune 1000 American’s Largest Organizations list in 2018. Additionally, the Platinum 400 ranking of America’s best-performing corporations with more than $1B in annual sales published by Forbes magazine in 2005 has been awarded to .

  • Contact: (616) 364-6161
  • Address: Grand Rapids (Michigan), United States
  • Website:

A&M Wood Specialty Inc


Andrew Poynter is a custom furniture manufacturer. He founded A&M Wood Specialty Inc. In 1973, Andrew Poynter founded A&M Wood Specialty Inc. in response to the constant challenge of finding high quality hardwood and veneer. Andrew quit furniture building to concentrate on his burgeoning business. It began as an effort to offer local craftspeople and himself fine hardwood.

A&M was relocated to a converted textile mill on the Speed River in Cambridge, Ontario in 1976. The company is still there today. It is one the most prestigious wood manufacturing companies in America.

Benefits and Advantages: A&M Wood gained respect for its commitment and high quality products. This small, local business grew to become a global service. After 34 years of operation, A&M Wood Specialty Inc. had been purchased by the UCS Forest Group. The UCS Forest Group North America’spremier retailer and supplier premium timber, composite panels, and ornamental surface.

  • Contact: +1 519-653-9322
  • Address: 357 Eagle St N, Cambridge, ON N3H 1C1, Canada

Rutland Lumber Company


Rutland Lumber Company was founded in 1956. It is a third-generation family owned wood manufacturing company located in Collins, Mississippi. All departments of the company work together, including sales, quality control, customer support, and manufacturing.

This company is among the most trusted wood manufacturing companies in America. This place is able to monitor every order closely and ensure that the company meets its customers’ needs during sale. It also provides efficient customer support as it has done for 55 years.

Benefits and Advantages: While the company is small enough for you to get to know each other and to cater to your needs, it’s large enough to ensure that the items are of high quality and affordable pricing. The company employs only the most qualified National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), certified inspectors. This field also uses the most advanced technology.

  • Contact: +1 601-765-8892
  • Address: 1731 Sunset Rd. Collins, MS 39428. United States
  • Website:

famous wood manufacturing companies in the USA

Global Wood Source:

Global Wood Sourceis an family-owned lumber yard and mill that specializes in exotic woods and rare domestics from all over the globe. Global Wood Source inspects every log and piece of timber that is obtained from the jungles and forests around the globe. It is also one the most respected Wood Companies in America.

Benefits and Advantages: The company ships directly both to international customers and to its Campbell, California retail store. The company’s exotic woods have been featured on numerous internet sites and television programs. The company’s dedication to sourcing wood from sustainable suppliers is unmatched.

  • Contact: +1 408-212-0520
  • Address: 180 E Sunnyoaks Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, United States


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