Top 12 Breathtaking Movies Like ‘Troy’


What Movies Are Like Troy

Troy delivers adrenaline rushes as effortless as Achilles’ movements with his sword and shield. This combination of mythology and legend creates an indigestible cocktail.

Troy is an impenetrable kingdom.The young prince brings back a prominent married woman.All of the action is driven by the desire to power, glory or safety.

Troy is an epic drama that combines history and mythology. There are 12 movies like Troy.

Films similar Troy

  1. Kingdom of Heaven
  2. Braveheart
  3. Gladiator
  4. Spartacus
  5. Lord of the Rings
  6. The Hobbit
  7. 300
  8. The Last Samurai
  9. Clash of the Titans
  10. Bahubali
  11. Immortals
  12. Wrath of the Titans

1. Kingdom of Heaven

God will do it!

Ridley Scott is the director of this historical epic. He directed Ridley Scott’s historical epic.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Jerusalem. Both Christians and Muslims believe it to be the capital of Islam. This movie may be the closest to Troy.

It stands out. It is thoughtful.

2. Braveheart

Braveheart tells the story of a Scottish soldier who leads his men to freedom from Englishmen. The film is a blend of entertainment and legend that creates a film rich in mythology, emotions, and humour.

Braveheart is William Wallace (Mel Gibson). He overcomes difficult obstacles and outwits King Edward Longshanks at every turn of violence and strategy. His evocative cry for freedom will live on in the hearts and minds of all Scotsmen.

Mel Gibson is the captain of the ship and works as an actor, director, producer, or producer. Mel Gibson, the captain of this ship, engages us with a simple but compelling narrative about Braveheart. He is also an actor, director, and producer.

3. Gladiator

Gladiator has been cited frequently as one of the best period dramas of recent decades (say, 20). The name refers to the Colosseum in Rome where the Gladiator wars took place.

This is Ridley Scott’s second entry to this list. This is Ridley Scott’s second entry on this list.

The movie’s most memorable scene is the Gladiator fights. Maximus leads a group of African Gladiators against an army. This film shines due to the realistic depiction of slavery and its hopelessness.

4. Spartacus

Based upon Howard Fast’s novel. This 1960 historical classic tells of a rebellion against slavery that was led in part, by Spartacus, Kirk Douglas. A story about love, freedom, and corruption.

Some of the 1967 edited footage was saved and restored in 1991. These restored scenes included scenes that reflect tasteful sexuality.

Peter Ustinov won an Academy Award for best supporting actor for his portrayal as Roman Gladiator Batiatus. The film was preserved by the United States National Film Registry in 2017.

5. Lord of the Rings.

Lord of The Rings is a three-part series based upon J.R.R. Tolkien’s LOTR trilogy.

Dwarves, Orcs, and Elves (monstrously disfigured creatures) join forces to determine the fate of Mordor. Magic is an important factor in this world.

6. The Hobbit (series).

The Hobbit Series is a prequel to the Lord of the Rings Series.

There are also three films in the series. The Hobbit creates a pleasant and peaceful environment through its setting and music.

It’s a captivating journey. Bilbo will entertain you for at least an hour.

7. 300

a 300-strong Spartans unit sets out on an impossible mission: to destroy an army that has a large arsenal of soldiers.

While this Zack Snyder-directed picture can be very funny due to its action sequences, it still manages authenticity thanks to an engaging tale.

This movie is not for everyone. For history buffs, it will be difficult to stomach the fictional setting. 

8. The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai depicts a struggle between modernism, culture and modernism. It is a conflict between modernism and culture.

Despite the war-torn themes, the film is peaceful and beautiful. They are able to carry the entire film around on their shoulders.

The climax of the event is sometimes referred to as its sidestepping onto its core. This core resonates with strong memories and cultural roots.

9. Clash of the Titans- COTT

Perseus is the son Zeus’ demigod Perseus. Perseus must live in conflict and war to pay his retribution.

The COTT is fast-paced and exciting. It’s hard to believe the mysticism, Gods and forces at work on different fronts.

10. Bahubali

Bahubali is a period tale about warriors and their kingdoms. The film, which was directed by S. S. Rajamouli, is the highest-grossing Indian film.

This two-film series tracks the story of Bahubali’s journey through time, across generations and his trials. It is an incredible spectacle in its moments.

The movie’s characters and conflicts are based on the Mahabharata epic. Bahubali makes a great choice for those looking for movies similar to Troy.

11. Immortals

Immortals is a film rich in Greek mythology. Theseus is the son of a mortal lady (and an immortal God) and is disguised by Zeus by Zeus to prepare for his destiny: saving Athenians.

Theseus must defeat King Hyperion, a mortal, who is hell-bound for the Titans (defeated and imprisoned by Gods).

12. Wrath of the Titans

We celebrated the Titans’ clash. Now, they are back and angry. Clash follows Wrath.

Kronos, a Titan, is held captive within Tartarus’ walls. He is on the brink of a recovery and must now return to Zeus’s side.

This is a slow continuation of the Clash of the Titans.

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