Top 5 places to go exploring in the vast Sentosa Island


Having emerged from a mere colony that faced several tests of time, Singapore today is one of the finest cities anyone would dream to be in. Your explorations will have no bounds as the city spreads its map to accommodate exciting arrays of hubs of technology, art, culture, food, nature, and adventure full of life.

One of the must-go destinations would be Madame Tussauds where celebrities await your arrival for photos and more. Bringing more adventure to your palette is the whole neighborhood that surrounds the place. From Universal Studios with its amazing productions, Laser and water by Wings of Time to taking in the serene nature and immersing oneself in the comforts of  Auriga Spa. There is nothing more you will love on Sentosa Island.

Light, Camera, and Action!

It is time to break free of the dream loop of meeting your favorite celebrities! Madame Tussauds offers you the chance to meet and click pictures with your favorite stars from around the Globe. Don’t limit yourself to that! Why not be a part of your own episode of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’! And the race to win with Lewis Hamilton’s team on an F1 Track.

Madame Tussauds Singapore tickets don’t stop at wax statues of famous celebrities. It offers a joy ride through the spirit of Singapore’s culture for those keen on learning about the land they are in. You can dance and sway to the beats of the legend Micheal Jackson and experience a live portrayal of Singapore on the side. The Madame Tussauds Singapore tickets come at a price of $ 29 per head and are open from 10 am to 6 pm, Thursday through Monday.

From Hollywood to Madagascar – Experience it all!

Presenting to you the infamous themes of Hollywood and several other hot stops is Universal Studios Singapore. The Studios features a total of 28 shows, activities, attractions, and rides that are spread across 7 themed zones. Experience a day like a celebrity living in H-Town. Walk through the palm-lined Hollywood Boulevard theme and be a part of the great artists of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Step into the City of Dreams to take in the beauty of post-modern New York with its infamous landmarks. Sci-Fi city becomes the future with adventurous rides built after famous Sci-Fi franchises. Ride with ‘Treasure Hunters’ and take home souvenirs of the past at the Ancient Egypt Zone. Then comes ‘The Lost World’ of Jurassic Park where the adventure takes a dangerous turn into the world of Dinosaurs. Shrek too can be spotted at the ‘Far Far Away Zone’ where you can experience the movie in gist and wrap it up with a thrilling ride in Madagascar.

Experience the Wonders of Mother Nature

Immerse yourself into the diverse habitats of rare coastal rainforests, wetlands, rocky seashores, and wildlife that thrives in Sentosa. Regardless of the fact that you are a nature enthusiast or not, Sentosa Fun Pass is the place that could transform your approach to nature. The site hosts 30 incredible heritage trees and diversity when it comes to habitats.

You can witness a full blossoming Island of carnivorous plants, colorful butterflies, and migratory birds all inculcating in Singapore’s natural beauty. You will be stepping into a Science Process Skills activity as you start your journey on the Island. You will be aligned to use the criteria of observing, classifying, comparing, and inferring leading ultimately to wholesome learning of the nature that you have stepped into. The entry is free for all, although you will have to check in with the guided tours.

Don’t miss this Show of a Lifetime!

No clearer can Singapore be on displaying its technological and creative advances, with its award-winning water and laser shows. ‘Wings of Time’ has been reeling in and displaying multimedia shows for over 20 years across the globe. They have now taken adobe to Sentosa, Singapore to unveil their creative selves to the world with a show by the sea.

A tale of friendship and courage that passes through the test of time to engage you in its magic and leave you wanting more. Laser lights, 3D animations, robotics, and water fountains come together here, in the backdrop of the majestic sea to wrap up a night in glamorous Singapore. They follow a fixed time from 7:40 pm to 8:40 pm every day, with a ticket price of $12 per head, which is valid for that particular day and time. There is another option to choose an open ticket valid for 3 months at the rate of $14 per head.

Truly a Relaxing and pampered Vacation

What is a vacation if it’s not deeply relaxing at some point? Taking you on that very mystical and Zen journey is the Auriga Spa at the Capella Singapore. Unlike a regular day at your local spa, where the magic begins the minute you arrive. Set in a scenic location you will be welcomed with the hustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the soothing tone of the water.

Having mesmerized all your senses, Auriga recommends a series of drastic temperature fluctuating experiences for an optimal post-treatment result. This would only be the beginning from where you will be guided down to the specific treatment you have registered for. It is a deeply immersive experience helping you to disconnect from everything and reconnect to yourself.


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