Top Beauty and the Beast Tattoos [2022 Inspiration Guide]


The Academy Awards’ first nomination for Best Picture was Beauty and the Beast, a 1991 Disney film. Beauty and the Beast is also a hugely popular film for tattoo art. People ink scenes, quotes and stars from the film on their skins in many styles and patterns.

An old woman curses a churlish prince for ridiculing her ugly looks. His support staff become household objects that resemble their names, and he is transformed magically into a wild creature with a fierce countenance.

Beast will only be able to break the spell of the old lady if someone can love him as he is.

Enter Belle, a classic Disney Princess in every sense. Belle is a bright, optimistic little girl from the village who seeks her father. Beast then imprisons her in exchange for her release.

In true Disney fashion, Stockholm Syndrome develops over time and…sorry, wrong audience. In true Disney fashion, Belle eventually reaches out to her captor and helps Beast discover his true self. Surprisingly, the story ends in love, intrinsic development and breaking of enchantment. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Beauty and the Beast is the ultimate transformation movie and a story as old as time.

Tattoo art is a vast subject matter. There are many options for tattoo lovers to explore and enjoy. Beauty and the Beast offers a wide range of quality designs in a variety sizes, colors, and themes.

For Beauty and the Beast, here are 100 examples of the best body art.

Beauty and the Beast: Color Tattoos

This is a high quality tattoo of the Beast keyring. The loop and chain are small and simple, but they are executed well. The tattoo is outlined with thickly applied white ink. It finishes the image by contrasting the sharper, more black ink used to draw Beast’s face.

This pearly love heart contains a still from Beauty and the Beast that shows the gentle interaction between Belle and the huge monster. The still details the protagonists, and it is presented in a skilled arrangement of crisp, flowing colors. The beautiful milky shine of the pearls that line the border of love hearts makes them stand out.

The twin foot tattoos were inked with great detail due to the awkward placement of the foot. Foot tattoos are often difficult to do correctly due to the tendency for them to fade or drop in color. Before you sit down for your first tattoo session, make sure to consult your artist about any foot touch-up requirements.

Cogsworth, the majordomo in Beast’s household who is turned into a pendulum-clock, serves as the film’s narrator. This is a beautiful color reproduction of the pompous official. It has spot-on effects and a strong sense of his personality infused into the image. It is unclear how it melds with the black-gray tattoos nearby, but the artwork itself is clear, precise and well etched.

This is badass. This is a print of Belle with Beast’s head on it. This is the only film that has this image. This is a stunning tattoo that emphasizes crisp color output and fine black outline. The amazing, tawny link created by the Beast’s fur falling down past Belle’s eyes makes it look like a bridge between colors.

This subject is creating a handy collection of animated favorites from video games and film (the blonde guy with thumb up at bottom is Vault boy from the post-apocalyptic movie Fallout). The scene shows Beast and Belle as lovers, ensconced in a purple-black love heart. Star effects in the bruised sky were created with precision to appear realistic and glittering.

The cartoon portrayal of Friendly Beast looks like John Goodman. However, I don’t remember ever seeing Walter Sobchek nur Eli Gemstone sporting fangs. The clever use of a crisp black line between the characters makes it unnecessary to create a border. This gives the piece a nice glow and inner forearm tattoo.

The heart-shaped mirror’s pink biscuit background effect of thousands and hundreds of dots is a great idea. The difficult technique has been made easy by the artist. Other technical elements are strong as well: clean, fresh color and precise black outlines. Perfectly executed bordering filigree and an interesting stained-glass look for a bell jar.

This elegant color tattoo shows Belle and Beast. Between them is a rose in a bell jar that tracks the Beast’s enchantment. This sketch-style art is more traditional than others. It features single-needle etching, and a sense of fine line.

Beast’s white dotwork tattoo conveys a snow effect. It’s distracting, however. The white ink snowflakes aren’t large enough to achieve the desired look. The rest of the cartoon depiction of Beast is elegant – the color patterns in this cartoon are well etched, crisp and strong. Beast’s eyes have an intensity that almost leaps off the skin.

This abstract Beauty and the Beast rose tattoo features a bright, two-toned castle as the background. The stem and leaves of the flower are well-colored. They look sturdy and clean in black-lined green ink. It is clever to add a hint of white etchings through the liquid pink purple sky. The solid castle is a Disney classic.

This tattoo depicts a Beast looking forlorn. It looks like he was shoplifted by an overweight security guard. This is a great crossover between classic portraiture, and the cartoony nature of Beauty and Beast. The main image is made more prominent by the use of fuzzy black/gray shadows around Beast’s upper head.

The tattooed Belle looks a lot more saucy than the one in the animated movie. This tattoo looks just like a Disney Princess costume your friend wears to get your imagination racing and heart pumping. This is a great tattoo, but it lacks the detail and polish that other tattoos on this page display.


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