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Top gaming computer cases in white 2021

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Get the white

It is a matter of personal preference to choose a white case for your PC over a black one. While it comes down to personal preference, there are some benefits to a white case. White interiors will reflect the RGB lights better and make them look more impressive. A white case will make your gaming computer look more sophisticated and elegant.

White cases can discolor with time due to the visible dirt and stains that they retain. It can be more difficult to locate white components if you are going for a predominantly white look. If you want to change things up, a white case for your PC is something worth looking at. Below are the top choices, from full-sized towers to small-sized cases, to ones that look more like an Autobot’s head, to the most stylish.

  1. ATX Full-Tower ATX PC Case, iCUE 7000X RGB Tempered Glass by Corsair

Best full tower white PC case


Form factor: Full-towerDimensions: 23.62 x 21.65 x 9.76 inMotherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITXIncluded: 4x Corsair SP140 RGB ELITE fans


+Smart RGB lighting control

+Room for multiple 360mm and 420mm radiators, 6 hard drives and 3 SSDs


-Not cheap

If you like to tweak your setup and expand it, there is always room for more. A Corsair iCUE 7000X Full-Tower ATX offers more space than most mid-tower cases. It is 40% to 60% larger than the average mid-tower case and has a lot of expansion possibilities. The full tower can hold up to 12x120mm or 7x140mm cooling fans, up to three 360mm radiators and six HDDs and three SSDs. It also features a tool-free setup, swing-out tempered glasses side panels, and impeccable cable management. This makes expansions easy. It will be expensive so make sure you have enough money.

  1. Lian Li Lancool II-W

The best white case for your PC.


Form factor: Mid towerDimensions 18.8 X 9.02X 19.4 inMotherboard support: E-ATX/ATX/M-ATX, E-ATX, ITXIncluded 3x 120mm fans


+Amazing value for money

+Expressive cooling and cable management


-Some design annoyances

It is not easy to balance premium features and affordability. But the Lian Li Lancool II-W manages it well. Lian Li’s white PC case focuses on what PC builders really need, and reduces the unnecessary, which in turn lowers the price. The case’s great features include the easy-to-open Tempered Glass Side Panels, quick access to the PSU/hard drive bays and brilliant cable management. However, its decent storage options, affordable price and excellent quality are close behind.

Its impressive cooling system is the best part of it. This will ensure that your components are in top shape. You will have to pay more for extras such as a USB-C port or I/O port.

  1. Asus TUF Gaming GT501 white Edition

The best mid-tower white computer case


Form factor: Mid-towerDimensions are 21.7 x 9.8 x 21.4. Motherboard Support: ATX, ATX and Micro-ATX. Included: 3x 120mm Aura Sync RGB illuminated fans, 1x 140mm rear WWM fan


+Solid construction

+Intuitive design


-Airflow in the front is slightly restricte

The Asus TUF Gaming GT501 white Edition is one of the most popular PC cases. It has a sophisticated design, intuitive and ergonomic design and ample space for all setups.

This white case will make it easy to build your gaming computer. Your components will also love the excellent airflow, thanks to the vented top panel. However, it could be better in front. It also comes with three 120mm Aura Sync RGB-illuminated fans, and one 140mm rear PWM

fan. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot on fans if your budget is tight.

  1. Thermaltake Core Tempered Glass Snow

Best modular white PC case


Form factor: Mid towerDimensions 22.2 x 10x 20.9 inMotherboard support: Mini ITX and Micro ATX, ATX and CEBIIncluded: none


+Extremely versatile, fully modular design

+ Lots of space


-Overkill for most users

The Thermaltake Core 6 Tempered Glass Snow PC Case is a beautiful looking case. The white version looks just like what space colonization myths are made from. Its three easily-removable, tempered glass panels make it stand out. They not only add a sophisticated look to the case but also allow it modularity – or at most, two configurations.

You’ll find plenty of room inside, including enough space for cooling solutions and up 8 2.5-inch SSDs. It also has a wall mount option so you can mount your entire gaming computer to the wall, if necessary.

  1. Corsair Crystal Series: 280X Tempered glass Micro ATX Case

The best small tower white computer case


Form factor: SmallDimensions 15.67 x 10.87x 13.82 inMotherboard Support : Mini-ITX, micro-ATXIncluded : 2x Corsair RGB fans


+Three tempered panels to show off the RGB

+Solid cooling support


No USB 3.1 Type C

You need smaller gaming setups for small spaces. This white Corsair PC case is part of the Crystal line. Its dual-chamber design makes it stand out. This allows it to house two internal chambers, one to display the components or to store the innards of the computer that are hotter. The other chamber hides all the unsightly parts or separates the cooler ones.

It can hold up to six 120mm cooling fan. There are also two Corsair LL120 RGB fans and two 3.5-inch drives. It also comes with PSU dust filters for the front, roof, floor, and PSU dust filters. You can also take advantage of the renowned iCue RGB lighting system.

  1. Thermaltake AH-T200 Snow Micro Chassis

The joys of a white computer case


Form factor: Micro CaseDimensions 17.5 x 11 x 21.7 inchesMotherboard Support: Up to Micro ATXIncluded : Standard PSU optional


This is a very cool +Helicopter-styled open-frame chassis

+High quality and plenty of space inside


Design is not for everyone

This completely extravagant white case for your PC will allow you to button-mash your way down the less traveled roads. It looks more like an Autobot’s head than a computer case. It’s not just its appearance that makes it unique.

The side panels are hinged and made of tempered glass. There are two additional SSD mounts that can be hidden in the frame. A removable top panel and faceplate can also be removed. It also includes modular panels, racks, and brackets. It’s not just pretty, it’s also big enough to store all your files and cooling needs.

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