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Two Methods to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button

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You’ve just bought your Roku device and are ready to use it. There’s one problem: your Roku remote doesn’t have a pairing option, or it might not work at all. You might be wondering how to pair your Roku remote with your smartphone without a pairing button.

Although the pairing button is the most straightforward way to connect your Roku remote with your TV, it is not the only method. To sync your Roku remote to your smartphone, you can either use the Roku app from your smartphone or connect manually by using the control buttons on your TV.

Before we get into detail, let’s first look at what the pairing button is on a Roku remote.

What is the pairing button on a Roku Remote and how does it work?

You can connect your Roku remote to it by pressing the pairing button. You can also control your device from far away.

The button is normally located on the front side of the remote. Sometimes, however, it can be found underneath the battery compartment.

To sync your devices, locate the pairing button by pressing it until the light from the top of your remote appears.

Syncing Roku Remote without Pairing Button

The new Roku TV models don’t have pairing buttons. When you turn them on, they automatically sync with your remote.

If you have a Roku Stick device you will need to pair it with the pairing button.

Use a smartphone to sync the remote

Roku’s app for smartphones also includes a remote that you can use to control Roku TV. This is a great way to pair your Roku TV remote with your smartphone without having to use the pairing button.

You will only need a smartphone that has WiFi.

These are the steps:

  • Visit the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for your smartphone.
  • Get the Roku app for free.
  • It is important that Roku and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Go to the Roku App. Select Remote from the menu.
  • You can control your Roku TV using your smartphone with the Remote option
  • Locate Settings, then Remotes and Devices on your TV using the smartphone.
  • Choose the Pair New Device option.

Roku devices will scan compatible remotes automatically. You shouldn’t have problems if your remote works properly.

The following methods may be helpful if your Roku remote still isn’t syncing.

Use the “Pair Remote Option” to sync the remote

Only if your TV has the ability to navigate through the settings with no remote, this option will work.

These are the steps to follow.

  • Access your Roku’s Home page. 
  • Scroll down until Settings appears.
  • You will find the Remotes option in the Settings menu on the left side.
  • Select the Pair Remote option.
  • This feature will automatically pair your Roku device with your remote.

It could be that your remote is not pairing automatically. If this happens, you can either reset your Roku device or troubleshoot the remote.

How to Solve Common Problems with a Roku Remote

Roku devices, which include remotes, can be very affordable and are built to last. They aren’t perfect and can occasionally malfunction.

The remote is not working or synching

Roku remotes are often experiencing disconnecting or not connecting.

Here’s what to do if that is the case:


  • Start your Roku device by restarting it.
  • Turn off your TV and unplug the cable.
  • After the TV has been unplugged, press the power button (not the remote) on the TV. ).
  • Keep the button down for approximately two minutes.
  • Connect the TV and turn it on.
  • Pair the remote again. You can then use the pairing button, or follow the steps that we have already mentioned.

This should resolve any connection problems between the Roku device, and the remote. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you might try changing the batteries.

Tip: Some Roku devices let you restart your TV without having to disconnect it. You can find the Start option under Settings.


Roku remotes can also heat up quickly, leading to internal malfunctions.

You can take the remote off if it gets too hot.

  • It is best to stop using it once it gets too hot.
  • Remove the batteries.
  • Place the remote on a non-flammable surface.
  • You can wait between 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Re-insert the batteries.
  • If your remote is constantly overheating, you should get a new one.

When is the best time to buy a new Roku Remote

If your Roku remote stops syncing with your TV or malfunctions frequently, it might be worth buying a new one.

These models are affordable and compatible with most TVs.

Amazon and other online retailers offer Roku remotes starting at less than 11 USD Roku can also sell one.

Tip Smartphones can be used as Roku remotes You only need to download the Roku App and connect your Roku device to your smartphone. You will always have your Roku remote with you, and you won’t have to search for it again.


You can sync your Roku remote and your TV in more ways than one without having to use the pairing button. Don’t be alarmed if the pairing button on your remote doesn’t work or isn’t there.

These steps will allow you to pair a Roku remote with your smartphone without the need for a pairing button

  • Use the Roku App to link your Roku device with your smartphone.
  • You can access the Settings of your TV using your smartphone.
  • Select the Settings and then the Remotes & Devices, and finally the Pair New Device.
  • This should connect your Roku remote with the TV.

You can also use the TV’s Home Screen to sync your remote and select the Settings options. Next, select Pair Device. The TV will now automatically link to your Roku remote.

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