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Types of sexual harassment cases in New Jersey

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Your workplace is supposed to be a safe zone for you to work and be productive. Unfortunately, cases of sexual harassment are not unheard of in New Jersey. More often than not, employees don’t want to report such incidents and situations, primarily because they fear the consequences. Even if you file a case of sexual harassment, your employer cannot fire you in retaliation, and if they do, you may have a valid lawsuit. Learn more about the types of such cases in NJ. 

Quid pro quo

When a person from a place of authority sexually exploits (or tries to) someone who is below them, it is a case of “Quid pro quo” sexual harassment. For instance, your supervisor cannot ask for sexual favors in return of a better promotion. There are other examples too – 

  1. Hiring someone or giving them a role just with the intention of exploiting them sexually 
  2. Retaliating against an employee who dismissed the advances of a manager
  3. Physical touching and harassment 

Such sexual harassment matters are often complex. As an employee, you should know that if your boss or someone in a higher position just asks you out for a date, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a claim. However, when you say no but are repeatedly harassed, the situation is entirely different. 

Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment is the second type of sexual harassment, where someone is made to work in an environment that involves unsolicited conduct and advances. For example, a colleague is probably regular at commenting on your outfits, or someone at work passes remarks about your body, shape, or skin color. Because the work environment is hostile, you could file a complaint and expect the company to take action. 

Call me attorney 

Before you file a sexual harassment lawsuit, it is essential that you seek all available remedies. Your company probably has its policy in place for such situations, and you are required to file a complaint. If the internal team refuses to take action or when you are unhappy with the outcome, speak to an employment lawyer to know whether you have a valid sexual harassment case. It can take considerable work to fight the battle as you are up against your employer and people in power, but with a good lawyer on your side, there is little to worry about. They will take all possible steps to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and protect your rights. 

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