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uNoGS – A Tool for Searching Worldwide Netflix Library

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Netflix has been on a roll in the last few weeks when it announced its arrival in 130 new countries. However, all the excitement was killed short when Netflix declared that it will crackdown proxy and VPN users who were trying to jump digital fences and access Netflix library of other regions.

It is common knowledge that Netflix offers varying content library in different countries. Previously, Canadian Netflix users would use VPNs to access the much larger Netflix USA library. Same is the case with these new Netflix regions; due to content license agreements, various shows and movies are not available in these regions.

So a VPN is the ideal choice for hopping around different countries and access Netflix library of any region. However, ever since the crackdown conducted by Netflix, things have become a bit difficult for VPN users.

One solution to this problem is to use uNoGS (unofficial Netflix online global search). uNoGS is a website / tool that have a huge database of all the content available on Netflix. The best thing about uNoGS is that it highlights the countries where the content will available on Netflix.

Using uNoGS, you can search for the movie or show of your choice, check the regions where it might be available, and then use a VPN to access that Netflix library. This minimizes the chances of being tracked by Netflix for using a VPN and being cracked down.

You can search on uNoGS based on the title, genre, types, audio, subtitle, and sort the titles based on relevance, date, year, etc. If that’s not all, you can also filter your search on the basis of IMDB and Netflix ratings.

uNoGS goes even further than helping you out in finding Netflix titles. It also shows IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes details for every title as well. You can also see which titles that are added and which are about to expire.

According to an interview conducted by TorrentFreak with the site’s creator, Brian, uNoGS started as personal tool for findings content on Netflix. Once he finished his initial built, the website was put live for everyone online.

Therefore, uNoGS is the perfect tool for looking up content on different Netflix regions. Until VPN services find a work around for the Netflix crackdown, we advise you that you look up the content on uNoGS instead of jumping around different Netflix regions, searching for titles using a VPN.

Once you have found the content of your choice, switch on a VPN and access the Netflix library of that region. This saves your Netflix account from being traced and being restricted to your region’s Netflix library.

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