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Vitamin E Stretch Marks

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Facing stretch marks problem? Don’t worry we are going to write a detailed note that how to minimize the stretch marks with vitamin E. Due to the shrinking and stretching of scars, stretch marks are formed on the body. Most stretch marks appear on the thighs, abdomen, breast, hips, flank, and buttocks. As stretch marks have no dangerous effects on the body. But some people are very conscious about their physique and cosmetic concern.

Vitamin E Stretch marks are very close as vitamin e usually used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Vitamin e and coconut oil are commonly applied on stretch marks to make them less prominent.

Vitamin E Stretch Marks

Symptoms of Stretch Marks

  • Before emerging stretch marks your skin can be seen pink and thin.
  • The skin may be itchy and red.
  • Depending on your skin color, the mark can be wrinkly, and raised streaks of red, purple, blue, or brown.
  • With time, the color of a stretch mark may fade and become flattened.

The Causes of Stretch marks

There are many causes due to which stretch marks can be seen on the body. Let’s move forward to read some important factors that can cause stretch marks:

  • Pregnancy

80% of women who recently delivered a baby faced stretch marks problem due to stretching of the body, and after the delivery, the body becomes shrink. As a result stretch marks may appear on the different parts of the body.

  • Adolescence

People going through the phase of puberty may face stretch marks problems due to hormonal changes in the body.

  • Weight gain or Weight Loss

When you put a lot of weight and then you are trying to lose weight as a result stretch marks can be easily seen on the body.

  • Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions may be the reason for the formation of stretch marks such as Marfan syndromes and Cushing’s syndrome. In Marfan’s syndrome, a decrease in skin tissue’s elasticity can cause stretch marks. In Cushing’s syndrome, the production of too many hormones may lead you to gain weight and skin fragility.

vitamin e stretch marks

  • Creams Usage

When we are using a different kind of corticosteroids creams and lotion to decrease the ability of stretching of the body results in stretch marks.

The skin has three types of layers and stretches marks are formed on the middle layer or you can say dermis layer due to stretching of tissues. High levels of circulating cortisone are more likely to develop stretch marks or when cortisone is applied to the skin. It may weaken the elastic fiber of the skin.

Risk Factors

Some risk factors of formation of the stretch marks are penned down and you may take precautionary measures:

  • Family history.
  • Chronic diseases.
  • BMI before pregnancy.
  • Having pale skin (white person).
  • Obesity.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Using steroids.

Diagnosis of Stretch marks

The doctor may tell you by simply examine marks on your body and by reviewing your family history. If the doctor feels serious problem they will recommend you some tests such as urine and blood test.

Vitamin E Stretch Marks-Use

There are some remedies when we discuss remedies that we can do at home or by ourselves. Vitamin E comes to mind to treat stretch marks that can be found in oil form or in capsules. It has amazing effects on the body, hair, and nails.

Vitamin E

Vitamin e is the anti-oxidant that is naturally present on the skin playing its role in human body maintenance, giving the ability to cells for interact with each other

Characteristics of Vitamin E

  • Hydrating properties.
  • Anti-oxidants.
  • Moisturizing properties.
  • Inflammatory properties.
  • Best for damaged skin.

Vitamin e stretch marks-vitamin e is a fat-soluble nutrient and can be found in natural foods like avocado, asparagus, nuts, whole grains, eggs, and seeds. Damaging of the skin caused by free radicals can be treated by vitamin e. Some postpartum mothers are usually recommended to use vitamin E oil to minimize the appearance of stretch marks on the body.

Vitamin e allows the body to be more elastic and allows the body to stretch without any damage.

It may also help to reduce the pre-existing stretch marks but also stop forming a new one. Pregnant females must start to apply vitamin e capsules oil in their starting phase of pregnancy to avoid the prominent scar.

Application-Vitamin E stretch marks 

Vitamin e can apply in several ways to minimize stretch marks and we are going to write down some important ways to apply;

  • The simplest way to apply vitamin e gel is to rub it on your car. Vitamin e gel is available easily in the medical section of grocery stores.
  • Smaller stretch marks may disappear by applying vitamin e capsules.
  • Vitamin e oil and aloe vera gel when mixed give the best results.
  • It can be mixed with body lotions.


  • Taking vitamin e supplements to minimize the scars.
  • While eating supplements may heal your body from the inside and vitamin e lotion heals your body from the outside.
  • You must be patient while using these combinations of vitamin e because stretch marks may disappear in several weeks. Stubborn scars may take months to vanish.

Adding vitamin e to your diet 

There are a variety of foods naturally with vitamin e. Green vegetables also have a high amount of vitamin e and its very beneficial for daily use. Wheat germ, sunflower oil, safflower oil, nuts, and seeds also have a high amount of vitamin e.


Vitamin e stretch marks are closely related as scars can be minimized by the use of vitamin e capsules.it may reduce by the time. There is no guaranteed way to decrease the stretch marks but can be disappeared by the time, use lotions, stay hydrated, and add vitamin e to your diet.

Stretch marks can be due to family history, obesity, and pregnancy but have no dangerous effects on the body until and unless serious medical issue. So use vitamin e and get rid of these stretch marks.

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