Wearclubs Reviews What is Wearclubs?


Today we will introduce you to an e-commerce website that sells men’s clothing. It was created online to reach a large client base, including those in the United States.

Additionally, The Wearclubs claims that they have all the clothes in stock at a discounted price. We’ll take a look at what the site has to offer in these reviews by Wearclubs.

What are Wearclubs?

We have gathered some phrases from the website’s “about us” page. It states that it is an international shopping site which specializes exclusively in male clothing. You can find clothing, bottoms and jackets on the site, as well as t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories.


The site also offers a range of incentives to attract customers. As part of the New Year promotion, shoppers can get a $10 discount on their orders. There are also $25 off your purchase over $129 and $20 off any order above $179. Customers can also get discounts up to 20% with coupon codes.

There are a few issues that we found concerning the site. The site’s interface doesn’t look appealing and is closer to fraud websites. Additionally, it offers fake rebates and other offers. To learn more, please read the Are Wearclubs legit? section.

What are the specific specifications for the site?

  • Official site homepage link- https://www.wearclubs.com
  • Newsletter-founded
  • Payment options: DISCOVER VISA, JCB. PayPal and American Express
  • Estimated delivery fees Delivery costs exceeding $79
  • Returns and exchanges of purchased items within 11-17 working days
  • Refund policy: Within certain days
  • Email address- support@wearclubs.com
  • Address of the company Zhongshan Yuanli Stationery Co. Ltd. Shop No.2 G/F Shop No. 1, Dongba Alley, Table Street Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan
  • Phone number: +447723598988
  • Social media links not working
  • Products and clothing
  • Domain establishment date- 17/11/2021

Let’s look at the customer reviews of Wearclubs in order to evaluate the website’s credibility.

Why should customers purchase on Wearclubs?

  • This site’s address is secured, meaning that customer information is safe.
  • This website offers many benefits to customers.
  • Shipping costs are free with your purchase.
  • Site has given the address, phone number, and email address.
  • You can find positive feedbacks and five-star ratings on the website.
  • Website claims it offers shipping services in many locations, including the United States.

Why should people shop through Wearclubs instead?

  • It takes a long time to load the site.
  • The index scores and ranks are lower than the average.
  • Negative comments are shared on social media.
  • Website offers only a few discounts.

Is Wearclubs Legit?

We’ve included all the information necessary to verify the authenticity and authenticity of this website. Users are also advised to carefully read all information before making any final decisions.

These tips are your best bet.

  • Alexa Rank Based on traffic statistics from all countries, the Alexa ranking for this website is 1729501
  • Trust rank – The earned trust rank, 14.6 100, is lower than the normal.
  • Customer feedback is very important. Wearclubs posts positive reviews on their website. However, negative feedback is shared through social media channels.
  • Trust score – The website has a score of 1% for poor trust.
  • Domain creation date
  • Links to social media – The website doesn’t provide links to social media pages.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain registration is valid through 17/11/2022.
  • Originality of AddressThe website claims that it has found two addresses. Both addresses are incorrect.
  • We are not satisfied with the content quality on this site.

Customer’s Wearclubs Reviews

The study revealed that customers have positive feedback about the site. Experts say that no customers have shared their experiences via external websites.


This site is highly suspicious as it has been warned numerous times. Anyone considering purchasing from this site is advised to steer clear.

You can still find out more by reading the Shoppers’ Reviews .


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