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What are Oacian? Characteristics and basic Rules

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Oacian is a water-based animal with the capability to travel on land and amphibian territory. They are steady and serious. If they’re not playing with their tails and cruising the earth in the same way as Valk or Dex. Oacians require a waterway in every living space to ensure they don’t become dry and can be comfortable. They aren’t able to stay dry for very long and most likely, their skin will become dry.

They’re typically cool and moist to the feel. Some are covered with scales in particular places on their body. really, they’re similar to individuals with skin pigmentation. Their skin color ranges from cool shades ranging from light blue to dark purples and even ocean greens. Oacian is a distinct area of the ocean, however, they it is also located in the other waterways of immense size.

The natural environment must have a base of 100 feet of untreated water. The Capital city of Crythpool is located in the middle of nowhere, it is situated in a large area at the bottom of the ocean; however, there are parts of it between the higher and lower depths of the ocean. There is a land-based exchange access point on a small island close to the shoreline.

Who really rules The Oacian?

Oacian’s are firm committed, hard-working, and hard-core, and adamant. They are, to put it lightly. Even though they have a love for their queen “Merlina Lympha De Saevus” however she is able to control her by a clenched iron hand. The law is disconnecting her family from the rest of the world because of her own questions regarding the other four realms.

The various political actions of regions consider her to be despots, however, her relatives are expected to ignore laws like the only one who truly cares about them is their only real leader. However they, the Oacian people consider that she is their only real and exemplary example. They go about what she has accomplished because it’s what the is considered to be normal behavior.

They’re rough when it comes to working with various races and place their faith in the strength in their personal. These people are extremely arrogant and egocentric, like their sovereigns and have self-images. That big that they today not be stymied by the abyss of weakness that they reside in. They’re deceiving themselves and seek to increase their level of personal growth regardless of the situation.

However, their loyalty to their country is unwavering, their enthusiasm is awe-inspiring, and their love for their country is never-ending. Whereas others may want to abandon their social roles to go out on their own. The Oacian’s search for their solidarity locally as well as in large numbers.

Oacian Culture that they follow all around the Oceans

  • Oacian’s surround themselves with sea life and fish However, they are not actually ocean life. That is what they’re actually. Oacian’s have been my depiction of mermaids as well as within that line of reasoning they’re a species of fish.
  • There’s no way to imagine an adolescent eating a pony isn’t it? But shellfish aren’t really falling into this category. Therefore I decided to keep the Oacian variety in the majority of cases vegan, but added some lobster and crab added into the mix for protein. Oacian’s are naturally sticklers.
  • This means every aspect from layout for their cities, to the affiliation of their personal space has to be perfect. As with Valkirians Oacians have a strong belief in the cleanliness of their surroundings too. Cleaning scales properly, brushing away hair that has become soaked.
  • Cleaning balances make up the largest part the daily tasks of an Oacian. Food items should also be properly cleaned. The responsibility of cleaning up who has food that is messy is an insult.
  • Oacian’s are adamant about not having a health problems and getting sick because their population is self-sufficient. The Oacian’s image is a drop of water, referring to their condition as the resulting race, and the various components of water.
  • The flag’s image is of an osprey blossom encased in an oyster shell. A water-loving flower contained similar colors to their flag as well as a marine animal is common in Oacian urban regions.
  • In spite of their very fish-like life forms Oacians actually participate in some of the world’s surface. They are able to access above-water bays where Oacians can stay for a long time in the sun and also to stretch their legs.

The characteristics of Oacian

However, leaving these inlets or permitted regions, or even attempting to quit the Oacian urban zones without authorization could result in expulsion for life or an all-out search and rescue. Different realms generally do not accept as an Oacian exile to keep free of political conflict. It is unclear the number of species that consider the sea to be their home.

With the many marine environments with rising temperatures as well as contamination and other problems, some oceanographers believe that the number of species being lost. However, there could be a lot of positive excitement for oceanographers over the next few years. It is possible that over 90% of the ocean’s species remain undiscovered by certain scientists, who are estimating the range of. About a hundred thousand and two or three million more to be identified. Researchers are currently aware about 226,000 sea creatures.

Being familiar with the ocean’s bottom as well as the rest of the ocean is the focus for National Geographic Explorer Marcello Calisti. Bio robotics scientist who is working on an undersea research vehicle that uses “legged velocity” that is triggered by the way that octopus movements submerged. His long-term goal is to design robots that will investigate the depths that are difficult to access for humans.


As a result the ocean significantly impacts the climate, temperature, as well as the supply of food for people as well as other living types. Despite its immense size and influence in the lives of every living thing on Earth, The sea remains undiscovered.

More than 80 percent of the ocean was never thought of, studied or even been observed by anyone. A much greater proportion of the oceans of the moon as well as the planet Mars has been planned and analyzed as compared to our own ocean depths. It’s all about the oacian. The article contains details about the oacian.


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