What are ‘Zip’ and ‘WinZip’?


Learn how to zip and unzip files

Zipping and unzipping are file management methods that combine multiple files into one small package and then unpack it for use. Unzipping is a popular file management technique for emailing attachments and downloading files.

What is a Zip File?

A ZIP file can also be called an archive file. A Zip file is a container which holds compressed files. Zip files are used for storage and transportation. Zip files are like sandwich bags. They hold contents inside and allow for transporting and storage. File sharers and users who download Zip files (and Rar files ) will find this useful.

How do Zip Files work?

Three things can be achieved by a Zip file:

  • It combines one or more files into one file.
  • It compresses and archives its contents up to 90 percent. This creates a smaller file that is easier to move around, store, and send.
  • It can also be password protected to protect it from unwelcome visitors.

Is Zip the same as WinZip or Zip?

Although Zip and WinZip are often confused, they are technically distinct.

  • Zip is the file format used to compress an archive. It carries the suffix.zip (for example thisfile.zip).
  • WinZip is a software program that creates and manages Zip files.



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