What can you do if your PS5 doesn’t turn on?


This article will show you how to fix the problem when your PS5 doesn’t turn on.

Why is your PS5 not turning on

A glitch in the PS5 might cause it to not start when it is in Rest Mode. This issue can be solved by turning the power button on and off for 15 seconds. Other causes could also be behind the PS5’s inability to start.

  • Power supply issues
  • Problems with the PS5 Software for the PS5 System.
  • The interior of the console is filthy
  • Problems with your console’s internal hardware

It’s possible that your PS5 is not booting into Safe Mode. You may have a hardware problem if your console is completely unresponsive.

These are the reasons your PS5 won’t turn on or work.

It could also be caused by a malfunction in the hardware, or a problem with one of the internal components.

There could be a problem with the software that is preventing the system from properly starting up.

This guide is intended to be a quick explanation of power issues.

You can return your PS5 to Sony or an expert technician if it is not turning on due to faulty hardware.

Continue these steps until your PS5 starts to work as normal

  • Restart the PS5 manually After entering Rest Mode, if the console doesn’t turn on, hold the power button down for 15 minutes. An alert message will be displayed on the console to inform you that it is about to turn off.
  • Insert a disc. If your Standard Edition PS5 disc drive doesn’t work, try gently inserting games. Do not force it. The console may start normal when the PS5 inserts the disc.
  • Turn on your PlayStation5. If your console turns on but doesn’t turn on, then you can press the power button until the blinking light goes away. Allow the console to rest for 20 minutes, then reconnect the power supply.
  • Unplug power source. For thirty seconds, unplug the power supply and electrical outlet from the power source. Reconnect the power supply and then turn on the console.
  • Use an alternate power cable The PS5 uses the same IEC C7 power cables as the PS4 or PS3. You can swap the power cords if you have an older console to see if the problem has been resolved. If you need a replacement cable, you can find it in any electronics shop.
  • You should use a different outlet. It could be a problem with your surge protection or the power strip. You can connect your PS5 to another outlet if your other devices are unable to draw electricity from the outlet.
  • You should manually update your PS5 software. Try downloading the latest version onto a USB drive and then installing it manually.
  • This is the last option.
  • Reboot your PS5 in Safe Mode. Once your console turns on, hold the power button until you hear another beep. You can then press the PS button on the controller to start the console.
  • Clean the insides and console. Dust can build up, which can cause overheating or other problems with the hardware. The PS5 casing can be removed easily, but you need to be careful when cleaning smaller internal parts.
  • Repair your PlayStation 5 or have it replaced by Sony. Follow the steps to find out if your PlayStation 5 is eligible for free repairs or replacement.


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