What does the blue light on the Firestick Remote mean? (Easy Fix!)


These days, Firestick remotes can be voice activated. More features often mean more problems. There is an easy way to fix a flashing blue light on your Firestick remote.

Firestick remote with blue light

The blue light on the Firestick remote indicates that the microphone button has been pushed. This activates the Alexa voice assistant. Your remote is now listening for voice commands. Turn it off by taking out the batteries and unplugging the Firestick. Wait 20 seconds before plugging it in again.

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1 blue light on the Firestick remote 1.1 Amazon Firestick and Alexa voice remote

1.1.1 If Alexa sees a blue light, it means that Alexa is listening

1.1.2 How do I turn off the blinking blue light

1.1.3 Still stuck

1.1.4 Firestick remote voice-commands

2 Conclusion

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Amazon Firestick with Alexa Voice Remote

Firestick remotes come with a microphone built-in and can be integrated with Alexa voice assistant right out of the package.

You can now control your TV directly with voice commands using


No more endless scrolling through the home screen looking for the show/movie that you are interested in, or spending 2 minutes typing the title letter-by-letter.

Hold down the microphone button on your remote and start searching for your show/movie. Simply speak the title loudly.

The Firestick remote can also be used to ask for information about the weather or the score of the latest game from your favorite team.

Alexa is listening when there’s a blue light

If you have any Alexa devices, you will know that a blue light indicates that the device has heard the wake word and is “listening” for a command.

If you say “Hey Alexa”, for example, the Amazon Echo will respond with a blue light that indicates it is listening.

Your Amazon Firestick remote doesn’t need to wake up in order to be active. Instead, it starts “listening” when you press the microphone button.

The microphone button will flash blue and indicate that the remote is ready to receive a voice command.

How to turn off the blinking blue light

If your Firestick remote’s blue light is constantly blinking, these steps will turn it off:

  • Take out the batteries from your remote
  • Disconnect Firestick from TV and power cable
  • Allow the Firestick to rest for 20 seconds before you reconnect it.
  • Wait for the device to fully boot up, then insert the remote batteries
  • For 10 seconds, press the home-button

This specific advice is what Amazon offers to anyone who first uses a remote with a flashing blue light.

You can also restart the device if that fails.

To do this, hold the Play/Pause and the Select buttons simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds.

This should reset it.

If the device has a blinking red light, you can unplug it from the Firestick.

Once the time is up, plug it in again.

If the problem persists, I recommend you go back to step 1. The light will eventually go out in almost all cases.

Still stuck

If you are still having trouble getting the blue light to turn off, I have an article about 5 ways you can fix a Firestick remote that doesn’t work.

You should be able get your remote working again if you follow the steps as I have described.

It may be necessary to download the Amazon Fire TV App and then unpair your remote. However, you should only do this if other steps fail.

Firestick remote voice-commands

You can use a variety of voice-commands to control your TV using the Firestick remote.

They are well-documented so I won’t go into detail. However, here are some of my favorites.

  • “Turn TV ON/OFF”.
  • “Rewind 2 minutes”
  • “Go to my video collection”
  • “Show me new movies!”
  • “Add this to your watchlist”
  • “Show me your weather”

Fire TV’s integration of Alexa is a game-changer.

Voice-commands are what I use 90% of the time to interact with my TV. It’s so much easier than using the remote manually.

(As an added bonus, these 21 Firestick tips are available from PC mag.)


Amazon Firestick remotes come with Alexa. You can now use voice commands to control your TV, instead of typing it letter-by-letter.

All you need to do to activate Alexa on your remote is press and hold down the microphone button. The remote should flash blue when you do this.

The remote is working when the blue light turns on.

Actively listening to you, waiting on a voice-command

Sometimes this blue light will not go away.

You can fix the remote by taking out the batteries, unplugging it from the Firestick and then resetting it.

You can also download the Amazon Fire TV App to unpair your remote and repair it.


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