What is an EPUB file?


EPUB is the most widely used file format for digital books

What to Know

  • An EPUB file can be an Open eBook file.
  • Caliber, Apple Books or Readium can open one.
  • Convert EPUB into PDF or MOBI to make it work on your Kindle or Caliber or Zamzar.

This article will explain what an EPUB file looks like, how to open it on all your devices and how to convert it to a format that works with your eReader.

What is an EPUB file?

An EPUB file is short for electronic publication. can be found in the Open eBook format. EPUB files can be downloaded and read on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader. This eBook standard is freely available and supports more eBook readers than any other format.

EPUB 3.2 is the most recent EPUB version. It supports the most recent HTML, CSS, SVG versions and includes embedded interactivity and audio and video support.

You can download free EPUB books from many online resources , such as Open Library.

How to open an EPUB file

EPUB files can be opened in many eBook readers including the B&N Nook and Kobo eReader. Before EPUB files can be opened on Amazon Kindle, you need to convert them using an EPUB Converter.

EPUB files can also be opened on computers with several free programs such as Caliber and Adobe Digital Editions.

Mac users can also read EPUB files using Readium.


Many Android and iPhone apps can view EPUB files. You can also download extensions and add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that allow you to view EPUB files from the browser like any other document. EPUBReader Firefox and Easy EPUB Reader Chrome are two examples.


Google Play Books allows you to open EPUB files. To do this, upload the EPUB file directly to your Google account. Then, use the web client to view it.


An EPUB file can be renamed like a ZIP file by replacing .epub in .zip. Then, open the file using your favorite file compression program like the free 7-Zip tool. The EPUB eBook’s HTML content, along with the images and styles used in creating it, can be found inside. You can embed files in the EPUB file format such as GIFs, PNGs, JPGs, and SVG images.


How to Convert an EPUB file

There are many ways to convert EPUB files.


  • Caliber is the best program to convert an EPUB file into another format. Caliber can convert to and from all other eBook formats, even those compatible with Amazon Kindle. There are many supported conversions, including EPUB to FLB2, HTML, LIT and LRF, MOBIs, PDFs, LIT, LRFs, MOBIs, PDFs, PDBs, RTFs, TXTs, and SNB.
  • Zamzar is another online EPUB converter that is worth mentioning. The website allows you to convert EPUB files to PDF, TXT and other similar formats.
  • The Online eBook Conversion allows you to create an EPUB file using another file such as AZW, PDF or PHP.


An EPUB file can be converted by opening it in another eBook reader and choosing to save/export the file to another format. However, this may not work as well as Caliber or online file converters.


Are you still having trouble opening the file?

Misreading the file extension is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when opening a file that is unfamiliar. While different file types may use different file extensions they can sometimes look very similar, which can cause confusion when trying to open one or convert another.


A PUB file, for example, is just one letter away from using the exact same suffixes as EPUB files but they aren’t Open eBook files. Instead, they are used by Microsoft Publisher to create Publisher Document files.


EPM files can easily be confused with EPUB files. EBM files can be either EXTRA or basic Macro files. EBM files can be either Basic Macro or Embla Recording files. However, neither file format is an eBook. The first is opened with Micro Focus, while the second is used by Embla ReLogic.


If your file doesn’t use the EPUB extension, read it again to find out what the extension is. Next, search it here on Lifewire or Google to learn more about its purpose and how to open it.



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