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What is Lifestyle Photography

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Photography is the pause button of life! Some people adopt photography as a hobby. Some people use the photography field as a business. So If you want to know what is lifestyle photography? then the answer is capturing events of real-life refers to lifestyle photography that includes marriages ceremony, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday events, and many other events of life. The illustration of every day’s art is lifestyle photography.

Portraits photography includes portraying real-life events delicately and smartly. While documentary photography that gives a perfect representation of places, people, environment, objects, and reports. Keeping lifestyle photography in mind, you must follow some tips and tricks and which lenses are used in the camera. All kinds of photography from street photography, travel photography and portraits allow us to observe life from different sides.

What is lifestyle photography

Elements of Lifestyle Photography

When you talk about what is lifestyle photography then first you must know the elements that are involved in lifestyle photography. Elements may have couple, parents and their kids, family, and friends. You have to capture the moments like if they are baking, cooking, and playing kids.

Your everyday life and everyday tasks are the elements of lifestyle photography.

Tips for Lifestyle Photography

For the better capturing of moments, we have discussed some tips they are written down


You must know that what your model likes and you will make shoots according to their choice as the model will feel relax and act more beautifully. Plan what photos you may capture and the angle of capturing.

What is lifestyle photography


Location may also include in the planning as you have to choose the location before shoot time. It can be an outdoor location, in-door location home place, cafe, or any restaurant. More than one place for the shoot is a good option and if you feel that there is a requirement for another place.


Prepare the place where you are going to the shoot and put lights and other props to make it more beautiful. Decoration of the area result in beautiful pictures with amazing backgrounds.

What is lifestyle photography


Lifestyle photographers have no authenticity of pictures as they don’t know which moment is going to be captured. Whether you plan or prepare your event. Make your models comfortable with their dressings so that they act more artistically.

Pose Guiding

As a lifestyle photographer, you must guide the model on how to pose. Because when you capture the picture you can see where the improvement is needed and you may guide the model about posing. Models may get confused at any time as they know everyone is watching so make a relaxed environment and guide them for posing.


The environment of the shooting place must be full of fun and you may capture more beautiful moments naturally. Fun activities increase the understanding between model and photographer.

What is lifestyle photography

Creation of Moments and stories

You must create the moment that shows the story and then capture it in more depth. For example, if you want to capture a family picture with pets then you must take the wide-angle shot. You have to create a story such as kids are sitting in the living room and playing with pets.

Help Requirement

Lifestyle photographers need the help of the assistant as they can help you in moving the equipment and makes the children relax. When you are capturing real-life photos, the assistant may help you in weel in arranging, plan, and decorating the place of shoots.

Detailing of Pictures

Depth and emotions are added in lifestyle photography to enhance the details of pictures. Detailing pictures is important in lifestyle photographers.

Best Camera For Lifestyle Photography

The best camera is an essential part of any type of photography so it must be of good lens and focus. The DSLR and mirrorless cameras help you in settings of exposure such as ISO, Shutter speed, perforation, and quality of lens that will give you the best quality of pictures. You may choose cameras from different brands like Canon, FujiFilm, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, and Leica.

Top Lenses For Lifestyle photography- What is Lifestyle Photography?

If you think only one type of lens and camera is enough for lifestyle photography then it’s not true. You must change your camera’s lens according to the situation that’s why photographers have to carry different lenses. Following are the list of some lenses that are suggested are:

Broad Angle(24mm-35mm) Lense

If You want to portray the family and their environment then 24mm-35mm is the best lens due o its good focal length. No matter they are in their living room, home, or on the beach. Due to its drawback of distortion this lens is not good for headshots.

50mm Lens

This lens of 50mm must be in every photographer’s bag for beneficial reasons. For the beginners, “Fifty Ninty” lens is best. Fifty Ninty lenses have all characteristics such as their size is compactness, value, and it’s very convenient to carry and broad aperture.

85mm Lens

Usually, the lens of 85m has a long focal length, and it’s very good for portraits. 85mm is used for far-away shots and is most commonly used in outdoor shoots when you have to capture the environment and person’s pictures or portraits.

50mm Lens

100mm+ Lense (Telephoto)

When you want to provide space to your subjects then 100mm+ lenses are important, especially in outdoor shoots. For lifestyle photography, all-around zoom lenses must be of 24-70mm f/2.8 as it is productive to capture portraits and close-up shots.

Final Thoughts on Lifestyle Photography

Life is always beautiful and everyone wants to live it happily. To keep the memories alive, photography is the best thing that person can do. What is lifestyle photography then the answer is capturing moments from your daily life. It includes an efficient way of capturing real-life events. It must focus the real-life human experiences. Lifestyle photographers must choose the perfect gear for the portraits. And if you are a beginner you must use the phone’s camera and then move to the camera. When you handle your camera efficiently you will be able to capture the perfect moments. Photography is not about the gadgets it all depends on the photographers!

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