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What is Networking Technology

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Over the years, network technology is evolved tremendously as the demand for wi-fi and ethernet has increased. Network technology is the management of a data system and it conveys digital resources on the computer. This technology is used in business, educational institutes, and many industries as system software and computer hardware. The specialized technician of networking may have knowledge of configuration, troubleshooting, and installation of network technology. And it can be used for the sending of digital data such as audio, visual files, and data. As per organization demand, users can send data, and files via emails by the use of networking.

Let us observe the trends that made networking technology on the top requirements of 2021. The demand for fast speed of internet, edge-computing models, cloud, and requirement of the exchange of data between servers forces to move to the high-frequency internet and network technology with low latency.

What is Networking Technology

Application of Network Technology

What is networking technology? here we are going to discuss and writing down some applications of it. Network technology may be applied to any type of technology on the basis of scale and transmission. On a transmission basis, networking can be done by using multi-point and point-to-point concepts.

What is Networking Technology

What is Networking Technology? On the Transmission Basis:

  • Multi-Point

Different numbers of nodes are connected in a linear manner through a common medium. It is sort of one device are connected to many devices to data transfer.

What is Networking Technology

  • Point-to-Point

When data is delivered through a guided medium to wired medium and non-guided medium to non-wired medium while nodes are connected directly between receiver and sender.

What is Networking Technology

What is Networking Technology? On the Scale Basis:

  • MAN(metropolitan area network)

A device is used named as “Bridge” and a network of multiple local area networks are combined by the use of this device and forms MAN(metropolitan area network).

  • LAN(local area network)

The range of this network is almost 100m to 10km and it covers the devices such as mobiles, laptops, and computers.

Elements of LAN(local area network) includes;

HUB is considered as the center of the network that absorbs the data and it is efficient enough for the transmission of data from different sources to the nodes of destination.

NIC isthe network interface card.

Cables include optical fibers, coaxial cables, and twisted pairs. Optical fiber is called

the backbone of the cable due to its ability of high frequency or bandwidth.

  • WAN(wide area network)

When different metropolitan area networks are combined by the use of a device of networking named as “Router” then WAN(wide area network) is formed.

What is Networking Technology

  • Types of WAN(wide area network)

Private WAN wasdeveloped by US Military Department.

Public WAN is controlled by the government.

  • Elements of WAN(wide area network)

The Router is used for the connection of similar and dissimilar networks.

The Bridge is used for the connection of the same and different types of LANs.

The Gateway is used for the connection of networks that are of different architectonics. An example of a gateway is a mobile phone with a 4G connection and a landline with 2G connections is due to the use of a gateway.

  • PAN(personnel area network)

A network that can be used for personnel purposes and form via wi-fi or Bluetooth for the sharing of data is known to be PAN(personnel area network). An example of PAN(personnel area network) is a wi-fi hotspot and Bluetooth.

Network Technology Trends

5G technology

It is 5th generation cellular technology and in wireless services, it is characterized by increasing speed, decrease in latency, and flexibility improvement. To automation extension, mobilization of workforces, and supporting new applications with the increased data rates and network capacity. 5G provides faultless open roaming abilities between cell phones and the wifi approach.

5G technology 

 Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)

 Artificial intelligence is used for addressing complex networking and business problems.

 Machine Learning (ML) can make predictions on the basis of network data while Artificial

 Learning used intelligent actions on the basis of these predictions that are made by ML.

 Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The empowerment of the applications and experiences of the customers are due to virtual reality and augmented reality. Augmented reality is commonly used on tablets and a smartphone to show the interior design and permit the shopkeepers to show visual presentation of furniture.

Cloud Computing

For the organization of remote workplaces, more efficient and faster adaptations to remote work are done by cloud computing. Multi-cloud management policies are used for the maintenance of consistent work security policies all over the multiple clouds.


DevOps is used for engaging the development of software and information technology. It may improve the relationship between the designer of network services and technical engineers that are making operational changes to the services.

Digital Transformation

It allows the digital technology adoption for the transformation of services and business by the replacement of manual processes on the digital processes. Digital forms that are transmitted, processed, and stored via networks and digital devices are done by digital transformation.

Inter Based Networking(IBN)

The business aim is expressed and regularly line up the end-to-end network that is related to the level of application service, security policy, compliance, and business process. The challenging task for the networking teams is the reduction of IoT tools from the remaining network.

Data Security

Usability and integrity are critical to security. Successful network security may manage the effective network approach and controls the threats that may spread in a network.

Data Security

Advantages of Network Technology

  • Networking technology is of low cost
  • The capacity of storing data can be enhanced.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • It may improve the availability of pieces of information and communication.

Disadvantages of Network Technology

  • Setups are needed exclusively.
  • Viruses and malware may disturb network technology.
  • Efficient operators are needed.
  • It can cause difficulties in security.

Final Discussion

Networking technology has had significant functions in recent years. When some want to know What is Networking Technology then we have detailed notes on it. Networking technology has different types according to the demand of works and has advantages and disadvantages. Different technologies are involved in network technology. And computers are born to solve the problems with networking technologies!

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