What is the Charge Time for Oculus Quest and Quest 2?


Oculus Quest 2 and Quest 2 virtual reality headsets let you play games wirelessly. You don’t need to worry about cables, or feeling tethered. However, this freedom comes at a price: you have to recharge them often. This is how to tell if your Oculus gear runs low and how long it will take to get back in the game.


What is the Charge Time for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest 3?

The Oculus Quests and Quest 2’s battery capacities are approximately the same: 3,640 mAh. The cables included in the package should take approximately the same time to charge. According to the manufacturer, it takes between 2 and 2.5 hours to go from empty to full.

The Elite Strap can be used with a battery along with your Quest 2. This allows you to use the device for longer periods of time before you plug it in. However, your Quest 2 will draw from the external battery first and your Quest 2 will consume the other one. You can still use the built-in power source for the duration of your session.

While the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are charging, you can still use them while they charge. However, they may limit your movement.


When to Charge Your Oculus Quest & Quest 2

There are a few options to check the battery level in both Quests. You can check their battery levels by going to the user interface. At the bottom, you will see icons that show how powerful each headset and controller is.


This information can be found in the lower left corner. Each dot below an icon is a 25% charge.


This information is also available in earlier versions of the UI.

You can also check the indicator light on your headset to see if it needs charging. However, this will only be available once the headset is plugged in for charging. The battery is at least 10% full if it’s red. If the light is orange, the battery is charging and has 10% or more of its capacity.


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