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What is the Foundation Technology for Web Series?

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The Foundation of web technology engulfs the principles of web technology. Languages on programming features such as javascript, java, and standard description like wireless markup language(WML), or hypertext markup language(HTML). The concept behind the use of the world wide web is to make access to applications and documents interactive. Cloud technology is application technology that gives systemize web protocols (HTTP, HTTPS) to make standardized communication and messaging exchange data.

Commonly XML provides the homogenized web service all over the internet. XML( Extensible markup language) exchange of centered data that provides interfacing and application-to-application communication by the use of the internet. So if you ask What is the Foundation technology for Web Series? The answer is XML(extensible markup language).

What is Web Series?

Web series includes the message, documents, programs, and objects. The highlight of

The web series is that applications that are written in different kinds of languages can easily be transferred and make communication easy between server and client. A client cited the web series when they send a request via XML as a result of service response with an XML response. SOA(service-oriented architecture) is usually linked with web series.


Web series have some vital functions that are listed down:

  • Self-styling by the standard XML language.
  • Discovered by simple location method.
  • Available on the overall internet.
  • Programming language and independence of single operating system.

Foundation Technology for Web Series

XML-What is the Foundation Technology for Web Series

XML stands for Extensible markup language. Organizing and storing of data may be identified by XML tags and XML can not be replaced by HTML in the future. XML has some important features that make it special on the internet in different aspects.

  • Expansibility

Self-descriptive tags and languages that gear up your language are created by XML.

  • Presenting and Storing Data

The storing of data and how it can be presented are instructed by XML.

  • Public Standard

World wide web consortium is the organization that developed the XML and is available as an open standard for the public.

Use of XML

The use of XML is very vast and here are some important uses that are penned down:

  • XML can be merged with style sheets for the creation of output that you desired.
  • Any type of data can easily be explained on an XML document.
  • Customizing, arranging, and storing data can be done by XML.
  • Transferring data between systems and organizations can be done easily by XML.
  • Reloading and offloading of data base can be done by XML.
  • Simplifying the creation of HTML documents for the large web series is done by XML.

Different Types of Web Series- What is the Foundation Technology for Web Series?

When we discuss about What is the Foundation Technology for Web Series? We must know some types of web series. Following are the different types of web series that are described below:


XML-RPC is the most common XML protocol that is used to exchanging of data between a huge variety of devices on a network. For quick and easy transfer or communication between client and server, it uses HTTP.

UDDI(discovery, universal description, and integration)

XML-based standard is used for the discovering of web service, publishing, and detailing. Around the world, it is basically considered as inter registry. Their goal is to streamline the e-commerce and digital transactions among companies.


XML-based web series protocol that is used for the exchange of data and documents over the SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol) and HTTP. By using XML, it allows the independent process that is operating disparate systems for communications.


For API-based tasks, REST provides the Connectivity and communications between the devices and the internet.HTTP is used as a supporting tool in RESTful services.

Mark Up Languages That Are Used By Well-Known Web Series

    • JSON-WSP.
    • JSON-RPC.
    • Web Template.
    • XINS-XML interface for network services.
  • WSFL-Web service flow language. 
  • WSCL-Web service conversation language.
  • WSDL-Web service description language.
  • WS-(Metadata Exchange)-web series metadata exchange.

XML-Programming Language

The language contains its own vocabulary, and grammar rules to make computer programs is a programming language. Specific tasks are instructed by computer programs. XML is not certified for programming language and it may not conduct any algorithm and computation.

Elements of XML

The elements of XML may contain:

  • Text.
  • Attributes.
  • Start tag and End tag.

XML Naming Rules

Following naming rules must be followed by XML elements:

  • Elements name must be space free,
  • It must be case-sensitive.
  • Elements name must start with underscore or with a letter.
  • Letters XML(XML and XML etc) is not used at the start of elements name.
  • Hyphens, digits, underscore, letters and periods must be in the elements’ name.
  • Except xml.no word is reserves.

XML-Programming Language 

Separation of data By XML

XML may not function that how the information must be displayed. In different presentation scenarios, the same XML data can be used easily. Due to this reason, XML gives the full separation between presentation and data.

Complement To HTML

For storing and exchange of data XML is used while HTML functions for the displaying of data and formatting of the data.

Separation of Data From HTML Via XML

While displaying data in HTML, you are not supposed for editing the HTML file, when changes of data occur. Due to XML, data storing is take place in a separate XML file. To the updation of data content for any HTML page, you can read out the XML file while reading few lines of the javascript.

Transaction Data

There are many formats of XML that are used in different industries for the description of day-to-day data transactions:

  • Services of weather.
  • Information of news.
  • Scientific measurements.
  • Mathematical data.
  • Medical Data.
  • Financial transactions.
  • Stocks and shares.

Separation of Data From HTML Via XML

Final Thoughts

When we talk about technology and web series then a common question is raised that What is the Foundation Technology for Web Series? ?.Who is supporting the web series to store information and displaying them? XML is the foundation technology that plays a vital role in web series. It has significance in android, java, and python.XML marks the documents at the start and end with tags. It also explains the document type and file type.XML cant be replaced by HTML in the future.

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