What is VLONE? How did it begin?



This all began in Harlem in 2013, when a group made up of singers, musicians, fashion designers, rappers, and others launched Vlone clothing, a street fashion brand. ASAP members began to wear the clothing, and it quickly became a well-known fashion clothing brand via social media.


People often ask Vlone “Who made Vlone?”. ASAP MOB is a well-known hip-hop band. Vlone clothing is the most well-known ASAP mob clothing collection. ASAP MOB was founded by Jabari Shelton. He is also known as ASAP Rocky and ASAP Bari. ASAP Bari stated that Vlone businesses are all about collaboration. Everyone contributes and no one is more important than the other. Bari, the original company head, made improvements similar to Edison Chen’s support, as the fashion designer for Vlone. ASAP Rocky, a rapper who was a member of the Asap mob helped raise awareness for the company in 2014. During his 2014 tour, he teased brands with tshirts.


“Vlone” is more than just a brand. It’s a way of life.

 Only friendship and love can make it feel like we aren’t alone.

Vlone is described as “You live alone and you die alone.” It’s much more than just a clothing line. It’s a religion, and it’s a way of life. It is a lifestyle that people adapt to. Vlone is the idea and lifestyle of its creators. Harlem streets are the inspiration for this brand. This is where Rocky and Bari came from. Bari stated, “What do I do? Take Harlem to other locations.”

What is VLONE CLOTHING exactly?

ASAP Bari and Rocky’s famous “V” mark (tees and sweatshirts), is now the brand’s iconic face.

Bari says, “I’m not streetwear.” I am not in high fashion. I’m hood fashion. “I do my shittin’ for the hoodniggas.”

2014 was big for ASAP Rocky’s launch of a music video. They had previously only released T-shirts and hoodies. They added streetwear clothing to their pop-up shop at Paris Fashion Week. This was a huge hit with youth and rappers. Streetwear demand grew because of Rocky’s inspiration. Los Angeles hosted a pop-up where limited Vlone apparel was available. This was a popular event that attracted streetwear lovers and skateboarders.


In 2016, they collaborated with OFF WHITE and Nike, which was a great success. The OFF-WHITE VLONE line includes Vlone orange, black and full-sleeve pullovers, track pants and track pants with a unique orange and black colour combination.

Bright camo, sweatpants, and hoodies were introduced with Vlone’s logo clearly visible. They also included shirts or tees with orange letters “FRIENDS” written across the front. This was the Vlone X Off White collection’s launch.

Vlone is a fashion term which refers to the urban dictionary fashion. It is a way to live and die alone. This is how all the young people were inspired by one thug sleeve in the world. ASAP rocky hoodies were extremely popular.


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