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What is an XVID file?

How to convert XVID files into playable, editable and comprehensible formats

  • An XVID is an Xvid encoded video file.
  • You can open one using VLC, MPlayer or DivX Plus.
  • Convert MP4, MKV and AVI online with Convertio.co, or offline with Miro Video Converter.

This article will explain how to open Xvid-encoded videos and convert them to other formats like MP4 or MKV.

What is an XVID file?

An XVID file uses Xvid . This is not a video format such as MP4. It’s a program used to compress and decompress MPEG-4 ASP video to reduce disk space and speed up file transfers.

A full-length movie can be compressed enough to fit on a CD due to the compression support in Xvid content.

You might use a file with the.XVID extension but many file containers contain Xvid video content. Depending on the person who created it, the file may be called video.xvid.avi for an AVI format.

Xvid is available under the GPL-free software license. It can be used on any compatible operating system or device.

How to play XVID files

XVID Files.

Modern Blu Ray players are capable of playing XVID files. Video players with the DivX logo support XVID files, even though the DivX codec differs from the Xvid codec. Sometimes the logo appears on the manufacturer’s website, not on the player. If you are unsure whether the player supports this format, check that.

However, XVID videos encoded with advanced MPEG-4 features such as MPEG quantization and multiple B-frames are not compatible with most DivX players.

Any software that can decode MPEG-4 ASP video can play XVID videos on a computer. Some of the most popular are VLC and MPlayer. BS.Player and HTMLX Plus Player.

Elmedia player is an alternative for Mac. It is not free but supports many other audio and video file formats.

VLC and other media players can decode Xvid with no additional software. However, some players might require the Xvid Codec to properly compress and decompress the content. Windows Media Player, for instance, requires it.

You can also play XVID files from an iOS device using the OPlayer App, or from Android with LLC for Android.

How to Convert an Excel XVID File

Many free video conversion tools and services are available to convert XVID-encoded files to other formats such as MP4, AVI and WMV.

Convertio.co has a video converter that can convert XVID into other video formats. This online tool works by uploading the file to the website. The file must be converted and downloaded again before it can be used. It will take longer than one of the downloadable converters.

If your video is less than 100 MB, this website won’t work. Some excellent offline converters are Miro Video Convert, iWisoft and Avidemux.

Still Can’t Open It?

It’s possible that your file won’t open using the above programs. While some files may use the same suffix at the end, it does not necessarily mean that they are format similar.

VID and XVD are very similar to XVID. However, they are not related. The first file is a Bethesda file, the second an Xbox Virtual Disk that can be used in xvdtool.

XVA is another file that belongs to XenServer virtual application files. This file extension is not related to XVID, even though they share some of the same letters. Citrix’s XenServer is required to use one.



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