Which Software is Ideal for You – RXNT EHR Vs. Practice EHR?


Meta – RXNT EHR vs Practice EHR Software – Find out which out of these two amazing medical software solutions is the one for you!

Overview – RXNT EHR Vs Practice EHR Software

About Practice EHR

Practice EHR is the ONE system that is tailored to your specialty’s specific requirements. It’s the one that streamlines your profession by providing an intuitive workflow for all major tasks. And it’s the one with a contemporary design that allows anyone in your workplace to work efficiently. For more than two decades, Practice EHR has assisted medical offices in becoming more efficient and lucrative. Its user-friendly software solution includes a specialty-specific and streamlined workflow, as well as optimised paperwork, invoicing, and practice management, so doctors can focus on what they do best: caring for patients. Practice EHR was created with the requirements of medical organisations in mind by healthcare experts.

Top RXNT EHR Features

Risk Awareness feature

By providing a risk awareness toolkit, this successful approach removes obstacles to progress for physical therapists. This is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of RXNT that is unique to this provider. It eliminates ambiguity and aids in the reduction of staff inefficiencies by identifying faults in operational and financial operations. Deep down, it attempts to anticipate clinical complexities and interfaces with the EHR component to do so.

Claims Management

Physical therapists are not financial experts. They require professionals to handle their claims and invoices. However, RXNT, a comprehensive EHR software, also includes a claim management solution. It begins with the filing of claims and ends with the submission. In the interim, the software checks insurance eligibility and scrubs claims. It even has a dedicated denial resolution and accounts receivable management tool to boost revenue collection.

All in one solution

RXNT has a little EHR module that does everything it can to make sure customers obtain what they pay for. It encompasses all elements of healthcare, from e-prescription to telemedicine. The vendor also provides services such as efax, coordination of care, and client educational resources. Furthermore, it enables the conduct of personalised patient interactions with relevant insights at hand for a full diagnosis.

Top Practice EHR Features

Integrated PM and Clearinghouse solution

For precise and rapid claim submission, Practice EHR combines its Practice Management System and its built in Clearinghouse Solution into one seamless and effective workflow. Practice EHR includes all of the hooks and whistles you’ll need to cut down on billing mistakes and inconsistencies while also being reimbursed on your claims as promptly as possible. Incorrect charges will be identified for review immediately with Practice EHR’s Integrated Practice Management and Clearinghouse. This lowers the chances of your claim being denied and expedites the application process. The medical billing procedure is also expedited because of built-in automation for follow-up and refusal management. Rather than relying on third-party clearinghouses, Practice EHR created our own Clearinghouse from the bottom up.

Client Scheduling

The Practice EHR Scheduling function is a sophisticated system that lets the front desk handle all scheduling responsibilities with ease. You can rapidly book and reschedule patients, access patient contact information, check client eligibility, check the customer balance, and collect co-pays by using the calendar. Each scheduling time slot is also colour-coded so you can instantly see if it’s blocked, booked, overbooked, or open. Individual and numerous providers will benefit from the Practice EHR Scheduling functionality. With a few clicks, your practice can monitor and manage various provider schedules and simply move multiple appointments. Its unique timetables allow the practice to build and change schedules for each practitioner and location with utmost flexibility.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal features in Practice EHR are the most useful medical resource for your clients. The gateway not only allows for safe, HIPAA-compliant communication between patients and providers, but it also stores medical history, current prescriptions, lab results, immunisation records, diagnoses, and more. Patients can access all of their information safely online. Customers can request appointments, medicines, and refills, as well as view reports and make payments, using the Practice EHR Client Portal. This saves your employees time on the phone and reduces workday interruptions. Furthermore, patients are not required to disclose their demands to your practice during business hours. They can use the 100% cloud-based Health Portal from anywhere and at any time as long as they have internet connectivity.

RXNT EHR Pricing vs Practice EHR Pricing

RXNT EHR Pricing

RXNT EHR Software offers four different pricing plans.

EHR Software Solution – $65 per month

PM Software solution – $100 per month

Full suite solution – $160 per month

eRX Solution – $650 per year

No Free Trial

Practice EHR Solution

EHR Solution – $198

Practice Management Solution – $198

EHR and Practice Management solution – $298

RCM solution – Not provided by the vendor

Free Trial Available

For more details about the mentioned two software, we would recommend you to schedule a Practice EHR demo and RXNT EHR demo.

RXNT EHR Reviews vs Practice EHR Reviews

Overall, the feedback has been positive. Their customer service is outstanding and highly accommodating. When people have a question about a problem or a problem, they generally get replies. This programme is suggested for small businesses that want a straightforward and efficient EHR. In the meantime, users want more flexibility over template creation.

RXNT EHR Average rating – 4.5/5

When compared to other EHR and billing software applications, users give this one a good rating, and the help and chat feature gets rave reviews. Certain functions are either unavailable or difficult to understand.

Practice EHR Average rating – 4.3/5

Final thoughts!

Practice EHR is ideal for solo physicians or practices working on a smaller scale. A physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or other health worker operating in a small office is most likely to use it. An RXNT EHR is a multi-provider, multi-practice electronic medical records system. Clients can access their data from anywhere and at any time using RXNT EHR’s client portals and mobile apps. Because fewer capabilities are incorporated in the programme, a practise EHR will often be less costly than an RXNT EHR. This Ultimate Practice EHR vs. RXNT EHR Comparison presents a detailed, impartial, and independent comparison of the two systems. It contains all of the necessary characteristics, strengths, and shortcomings that will help you decide which software you should pick for your practice out of the two!


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