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Who Won Next in Fashion

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Fashion is a famous practice and style, especially in footwear, clothing, accessories, makeup. Fashion is a unique and frequent tendency of style in which a person may prettify. It is a winning style in manners and the modern creation of textile designers. Fashion is not all about the latest and modern clothes but the social occurrence is more important. In some ways, fashion may show us that who we are and outline our personality in the terms of seeing the information. In this article, we will discuss about Minju Kim who won next in fashion.

Many people are working in the fashion industry and won the content. Who won next in fashion is a Netflix real fashion show and the competition series of fashion designers that are hosted by some top designers such as Tan France and Alexa Chung. They invite fashion designers from all over the world and they take part to win the $250,000 and also the launch on fashion retailer site that is named as Net-a-Porter. It is the


Net-a-Porter is the world’s top paramount online luxury fashion retailer. The founder of Net-a-Porter is Natalie Massenet. Transfiuge luxury retails with her e-commerce progress journey back in 2000. In the first season of “Next in Fashion”, Net-a-Porter offered a chance to launch a collection of luxury fashion at the luxury online retailer. Net-a-Porter head office is located in the United Kingdom, London.


Next in fashion

Next in fashion is a reality-based fashion show. The competitive participants have worked for vital brands and prettify A-list personalities and have vied head to see that who has skills of creativity, and will power to win the grand prize of $250,000 and launch their collection on Net-a-porter. Next in fashion is hosted by fashion designer and TV character Tan France (Queer Eye)model, designer, and global style icon Alexa Chung. ‘Next in Fashion began with 18 designers who faced many dares depends on a different direction or design style that has governed the way the whole world dresses.

The Global buying director at Net-a-Porter, named Elizabeth von der Goltz, took a seat as judge of the final episode of next in fashion, last challenge was completed and in front of a live audience, the winner was chosen. The judges are Prabal Gurung, Phillip Lim, Jason Bolden, Kerby Jean-Raymond, Eva Chen, Elizabeth Stewart, Monique Lhuillier, Elizabeth von der Goltz, Adriana Lima, Christopher Kane, Beth Ditto, Josefine Aberg, “Dao”- Yi Chow, Maxwell Osborne, and Tommy Hilfiger.

 Elizabeth von der Goltz, Global Buying Director of NET-A-PORTER said:

“We are blissful to work on “Next in Fashion” with NETFLIX,’ granting $250,000 and the opportunity to be launched at NET-A-PORTER to an incredibly deserving talent; ‘Next in Fashion’ further show our strength of global fashionability, ”

Winner Minju Kim-Who Won Next in Fashion?

Minju Kim is 33 years old Korean designer and she won the next in fashion competition along with Frida Kahlo-inspired collection. He was born in Gwangju. Newsweek writes: When judge Eva Chen of Instagram gives statement on bridal wear that “I want to get married again just to wear this bridal dress” which then resulted in that she won in episode 2 for her another wedding dress.

Minju Kim

“I have always worked diligently on every collection and their elements, from blooming the concept to designs of prints and eventually accompanying it all to life. I put my all effort into my work and I will continue doing this”


The Netflix fashion reality show was announced in May 2019, with co-hosts Alexa Chung and Tan France together along with stylists Elizabeth Stewart and Instagram’s Eva Chen show their presence as a judge. The series was assembled and produced by the old school directed by Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton with Adam Coope-co-executive producer.

According to the Pink news interview, Chung and France met during London Fashion Week in Victoria Beckham. France has already signed the next fashion series as a judge and inform Chung about the role, but at that time Chung was “too drunk to realize”. In affirmation to Variety, Brandon Riegg-NETFLIX’s vice president of ad-hoc originals and comedian explained that why it is understandable for the company to progress into the fashion competition series categorization.

Fashion is something that is really attractive and related, and due to this reason, it made sense for us to get into that space considering our viewers around the world. It is also a chance to show the fashion devotion of fans and show some amazing ability and stories of designers, hard work and success, and help them raise their own brand to the next level.

Riegg also Highlighted the Importance of the show’s Inter-continental Casting:

Diversity is one of the core benefits of our reach to programming, and multiplicity comes in different forms; obviously, we are a uniform platform. But really it came to finding great personalities with a great story, and who are sustainable in the fashion industry. It just happened that we looked everywhere in search for those qualities in the competitors and it allowed us to have more of a universal group of competitors for this series especially”.

Grand Finale-who won next in fashion

In the final episodes, the last two competitors have to show their last three day’s collection of 10 pieces to the judges. A squad of three sewers is provided to both last designers who are not able to the creativity of items and consultation. And tenth look must b brilliant and their family members surprised them by their appearance in the grand finale. And Next in fashion winner is Minju Kim.

Final Thoughts on Who Won Next in Fashion!

Fashion is an ever-green industry of any country of the world as it presented the norms and culture of different areas. And there are many competitors that work in the same industry to show something different. Next in fashion is Netflix shows that are based on reality fashion constant and designers from all over the world participate there. Designers worked day and night to achieve the prize of $250,000 and MinjuKim was the winner of the next fashion series!

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