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Wroclaw, Poland. Piasek Island on the Oder River

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Piasek Island is one of the islands on the Odra River in the Old Town of Wroclaw. Explore the island and its attractions

Piasek Island in Wroclaw

Piasek (Sand), to deal with a group of six islands, close to Ostrow Tumski, the oldest district of Wroclaw. It has an area of almost 5 hectares and is worth getting to know when visiting Wroclaw. The name comes from the church that was built here in the 14th-15th century. To the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Sand. After the destruction of World War II, the structure was rebuilt. Next to it, since 2005, there has been a statue of Cardinal Boleslaw Kominek, the first Polish archbishop of the Wroclaw metropolis. It is 5.5 meters high.

On the island there is also a building of a former monastery, now belonging to a university. In the 12th century, the owner of the islands, Piotr Wlostowic (now named after the boulevard on the Oder River), brought the Augustinians here from France. He gave them the island and founded a monastery. A few hundred years later, the Germans took over the monastery and the monks have to throw it away. In 1810, the most valuable collections of the University Library were preserved in the monastery.

Interesting facts about Piasek Island

On the island, there is also the 17th-century Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius (formerly the Church of Saint Anne) and a number of other buildings.

Cruise ships moor on Piotr Wlostowic Boulevard. Nearby, since 2016, there is the Oder Monument. In addition, passenger shipping in Wroclaw has been operating since 1947.

From the side of the Old Town (Market Square) you enter the island and drive over the Piasek Bridge. To the historic bridge built in 1861 and made by Erst Uber. It is almost 32 meters long and 12 meters wide. Then in this place a permanent wooden bridge.

Fun fact

Once in Wroclaw, and since 1630 in Silesia, there was a unit of length – the Wroclaw mile. The equation was 11,250 cubits or about 6,700 meters. Why so much? To the distance between the Piasek Gate (it used to stand here, where the Piaskowy Bridge is now) to Psie Pole (now a district of Wroclaw).

Let us add that there are three boulevards on the island: Stefan Wyszynski Boulevard, Piotr Wlostowic Boulevard and Stanislaw Kulczynski Boulevard.

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