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Wrongful death claim in North Carolina: Choosing the right lawyer

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Did you lose a loved one in a car crash in North Carolina? Nothing can compensate your loss, but you may want to consider filing a wrongful death claim (if you are eligible). Much like injury lawsuits, wrongful death claims are inherently complex, and because the settlements tend to be higher, insurance companies often don’t play fair with grieving claimants. You need to get the help you deserve, and hiring an attorney is the most effective step. In this post, we are sharing more about finding a lawyer to fight your wrongful death claim in NC.

Relevant experience is key

An attorney may be great at handling divorces, but they are certainly not the right choice for your injury lawsuit. You need a lawyer who has deep experience in personal injury law and has been practicing in the state for at least a few years. Ask the attorney if they have worked on wrongful death claims and whether they have been to court. Not all lawsuits require a trial, but your lawyer should have the expertise to represent you when needed.

Communication style is critical

As a client, you should get answers to your questions. Personal injury law is inherently complex, and as someone who has never filed a wrongful death claim, you may not understand everything. During the first consultation, which is usually free, you should feel comfortable discussing the facts of the case, even though talking about the death of your family member is hard.

Ask the lawyer about getting updates

You should expect a gap of at least a few months before something meaningful happens. However, you should have access to the lawyer and should be able to get the info you need. Ask the attorney how they plan to keep in touch. Many law firms have a team of paralegals and associates who answer calls and emails.

Discuss the fees

Almost all personal injury lawyers in NC represent clients on a contingency fee in NC, which means the lawyer doesn’t demand a fee when taking the case. In exchange, the lawyer gets a share of the settlement that is payable when you win. There are other expenses, including investigation costs, postage, and filing fees, which the client must pay for, and therefore, it is best to get a ballpark. Always hire an attorney you can afford.

Make a shortlist of top law firms in NC and ask for a consultation session to find the best lawyer.

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