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You can identify your eye shape by using this guide

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Did you ever try to follow a winged eyeliner tutorial only to be disappointed? Or tried to copy a makeup tutorial but the result isn’t exactly what you expected. The problem isn’t that you can’t wear this makeup look, but that it may not work for your eyes. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your makeup skills anymore by knowing your eye shape and choosing the right looks to highlight it. Here’s Allie Renee, a celebrity makeup artist, sharing her guide to different eye shapes and her brilliant makeup tips to enhance them.

How to determine your eye shape

1. Get a mirror.

To get the best view, place a mirror at your eye level. Then take a step back. Renee says, “To determine the shape of your eyes, look forward with your eyes open.”

2. You should look for a visible crease.

Look at the top of your eyes. Renee says that monolids are those without a crease. Renee says that if there is a line on the lid but not all of it, then this is a hooded eyes.

3. Draw an invisible line across your eyes.

This trick is for those who don’t have monolid or hooded eyes. Renee says, “Pretend you are drawing a straight line across your eyes with the pupil at the center.” Then, look at the corners outside to determine if they are pulling upwards or downwards.

If your corners extend above the line, then you have upside-down eyes. If the corners are below the line, they will be downturned.

4. Are you still unsure? Your eyes could be round or almond-shaped.

“A round eye is one where the outer corners don’t pull in either direction and the whites of the eyes can be seen above or below the iris. Renee explains that if you can’t see the whites of your eyes above or below your iris, then your eyes may be almond.

Here are some makeup tips for every eye shape

Monolid Eye Makeup: To Enhance a Monolid Eye Shape, all you need is some eyeshadow. Renee says, “Complement this eye shape with the same shadow on your lower lash line as your upper lid. Blend the shadow outwards and connect them.

Makeup for hooded-eyes: The appearance of smaller eyes due to a hooded shape can make them appear smaller. You’ll need to create an illusion that the lid is opening, such as a cut crease. Renee says that adding depth to the lid can add dimension. She advises that you avoid applying the deeper shade farther than the central point of the lid to avoid closing in your eyes.

Makeup to enhance upturned eyelids: The makeup artist suggests that you use a tightline technique along with your pencil eyeliner to enhance them. To create full lashes, line your lashes as close as you can.

Makeup for tired eyes: Are you looking for a beauty product that will make your life easier? Highlighter. Renee says, “Stay clear of shadows under your eyes and highlight the highlight on the brow bone to give this eye shape more lift.” To draw the eye upward, you can also try a classic cateye. This eye shape can be used to create a winged wing liner like no one’s business. The makeup artist says that a classic, natural-toned lid with wing liner can be a great way to enhance this shape.

Eye makeup for round eyes: Your eyelids are basically a blank canvas. Take advantage of this and try out different eye makeup styles! Renee says that bright colours can be used across the entire lid to enhance your eye shape.

Makeup to create dimension with your crease. The makeup artist suggests that you accentuate your almond shape by using a darker shade on your outer crease, lash line, and pulling it outwards in a V shape.

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