YouTube doesn’t work on Roku. It’s most likely because this! )


Roku allows for streaming from any TV. What if YouTube stops working?

A variety of quick fixes can be attempted to resolve the issue at your home.

YouTube is not working with Roku

If YouTube doesn’t work on Roku, you need to restart it.

Give the Roku a moment to reboot after it has completed restarting. YouTube should now be up and running in no more than a minute.

Check out YouTube Servers Down

YouTube may not work on Roku, if YouTube isn’t up.

While it’s not often, it’s possible. To view YouTube on other devices like your phone or laptop, visit YouTube

In such instances, you will need wait for the servers to come back online.

YouTube is not down. The following steps will help you diagnose why YouTube doesn’t work on your Roku.

Verify Your Wi-Fi Router

A problem with your router could cause YouTube to stop working.

If they do not connect, it could be that the router isn’t working correctly.

After unplugging your router for a time, you can plug it back in to your computer.

Slow connections may make streaming video to your television difficult.

A connection test can be run if the internet connection fails. Move your router closer to your Roku to get a better connection.

Please call the customer service number for your internet provider if you are experiencing internet connectivity problems.

Updating Your Roku

Rokus that are out of date with software can cause problems. You should check the settings menu to update Roku OS.


Scroll down or up until System appears.

Choose System, then go to System Update.


Keep your Roku’s software up-to-date YouTube will work with your Roku.

You can also check for updates to YouTube’s application while you are at it.

Reinstall the app

These fixes may not work. You can also reinstall YouTube.


Locate your YouTube app on the Roku home screen. To open the Channel menu, click the “*”.

Now, click the channel button. Wait for OK from your device.


Now, turn off the Roku. Go to the Streaming Channels tab and download YouTube.

Test it immediately by watching some videos. Move on to the next step if the app is loading or buffering constantly.

Also, you can try the YouTube TV App

YouTubeTV is intended for streaming devices like the Roku.


The app can be downloaded to your device by searching in the Streaming Channels section. To make the app appear as a channel on your homepage, click on Add Channel.

Many users find YouTube TV more user-friendly that the YouTube app. Your Roku can still access your favorite YouTube content.

YouTube TV can be accessed from any app that you use. This will depend on what Roku you are using.

Roku TV Contract Dispute

While this is only for YouTube TV users, it is still worthwhile to mention.

Contract negotiations between YouTube and Roku came to an abrupt halt in April 2021. Roku ended the agreement.

Roku owners with the YouTube TV App installed were fine. However if you tried downloading it after April 2021, when the deal was terminated, you wouldn’t be allowed to.


YouTube added a new feature so that users could access YouTube TV from the YouTube app.

YouTube TV can be accessed by downloading the YouTube App instead of the Youtube TV Application.

YouTube and Roku have resolved the dispute. Both YouTube TV and YouTube apps can be found at the Roku Channel Store. Available for both new and existing members.

If contracts fail again, you’ll be able to follow my advice.

TIP YouTube TV may not be working for you. You can still watch YouTube TV on your TV using your phone.

Lower Quality of Video Streaming

It is possible to lower the streaming quality when videos aren’t loading correctly or take too long to buffer.

High resolution videos can require more bandwidth that your internet can handle.

To decrease the quality of the video click on the Roku homepage. Now you can find the Display Type section. Reducing the resolution setting to 720p

Auto Detect allows you to set the resolution automatically. Video buffering is also possible.


YouTube can sometimes be made to work on Roku in many different ways.

  • Restart your Roku device
  • You will be able to check if YouTube has gone down
  • Restart WiFi router
  • Roku OS Update
  • Reinstall YouTube App
  • Use YouTube TV
  • Roku TV and YouTube TV contract disputes
  • Lower the streaming qualities

How did you fix YouTube on your Roku TV TV TV? Let us know by leaving a comment.



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