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YouTube not working on Roku (It’s most likely because of this!)

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Roku allows you to use any TV as a streaming device. There are many streaming apps, such as YouTube. What happens if YouTube stops working on your Roku?

You can attempt a variety of quick fixes to fix the problem at your home. Here are some quick fixes for your Roku.

YouTube not working on Roku

You will need to restart the Roku device if YouTube does not work on Roku. The Roku remote will prompt you to press the home button five more times. Next, press the up button five times and then hit the rewind key twice. Next, press the fast forward button two times. This will cause a restart.

Check out if YouTube Servers are Down

YouTube may not be working on Roku if YouTube isn’t up.

Although it doesn’t happen very often, it is still possible. To check YouTube on your other devices such as your smartphone or laptop, you can also visit YouTube.

In such cases, you will need to wait for the servers back online. You can follow the platform via social media like Twitter so they can let their followers know when YouTube will be back online. For more information, you can also visit Downdetector.

Verify Your Wi-Fi Router

Your router may not be working properly, and YouTube could have problems with your Roku device. Make sure to check your smartphone and other Wi-Fi devices.

If they don’t connect, the router may not be working properly.

After unplugging the router for a while, you can then plug it back into your computer. The router will need to reset for YouTube to work properly.

Slow connections can make streaming video to your TV difficult.

You can also run an internet connection test if this fails. For a better connection, you may need to move your router closer to your Roku.

For any internet connectivity issues, please call the customer service number of your internet service provider.

Updating Your Roku

If the software is out of date, your Roku could experience many problems. Check the settings menu for Roku OS updates to fix this issue.


To access settings, press the Home button on your remote and scroll down or up until you see the System.

Select System and then go to System Update


To keep your Roku up-to-date with the latest software, you’ll need to ensure that you regularly update it . This will ensure that YouTube is compatible with your Roku device.

While you are at it, check for new updates to YouTube’s app. Older versions might not be compatible with the current Roku OS.

Reinstall the App

If none of these fixes work, you can reinstall the YouTube app .


Find your YouTube app on the Roku Home Screen. Click the “*” button to open the Channel Menu.

After you have done this, the Channel button will appear. Wait for the OK to be removed from your device.

After that, you should turn off your Roku and then on again. You can then go to the Streaming Channels area and install YouTube.

It’s best to immediately test it by watching some videos. This should have fixed the problem. You can move on to the next steps if the app is always loading or buffering.

You can also try the YouTube TV app

YouTube TV is designed for streaming devices like the Roku.

It can be installed to your device by searching for it in the Streaming Channels tab. Click on Add Channel to make the app appear on your homepage.

Many people find the YouTube TV app to be more user-friendly than the YouTube app. You can still access all your favorite YouTube content, even though there are not many differences in how you use your Roku.

You may be able access YouTube TV from any app you use, depending on which Roku you are using.


YouTube TV and Roku Contract Dispute

Although this is mainly for YouTube TV users it is still worth noting.

In April 2021, YouTube’s and Roku ‘s contract negotiations ended. Roku then decided to end the agreement.

This meant that Roku users with the YouTube TV App installed would be fine. However, if you tried to download it after April 2021 (when this deal was ended), you wouldn’t have been allowed to.

Roku and YouTube have resolved the conflict. Both the YouTube and YouTube TV apps can be found in the Roku Channel Store, available for existing and new members.

You’ll be able to follow my advice above in case contracts fall apart again.

TIP – If YouTube TV is not working for you, you can cast YouTube TV from your phone to your TV. This will get you by until you can make a deal.

Lower the Quality of Video Streaming

You can lower the streaming quality if the videos aren’t loading properly or you are spending too much time buffering.

High resolution videos may require more bandwidth than your internet can handle.


To reduce the quality of the video, go to the Roku homepage and then click on the settings menu. You should then be able to find the Display Type section. Reduce the resolution setting to 720p

Auto Detect can also be used to change the resolution automatically without you having to input it. Video buffering can be simplified by lowering the settings.


YouTube can be made to work on your Roku in many ways. These fixes can be used to fix the problem if YouTube isn’t working right now.

  • Restart your Roku device
  • You can check if YouTube is down
  • Restart the Wi Fi router
  • Roku OS Update
  • Reinstall YouTube App
  • Use YouTube TV
  • YouTube TV and Roku contract disputes
  • Lower the streaming quality settings

Did you manage to fix YouTube on your Roku TV TV? Leave us a comment and tell us what worked!


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