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Best Hair Transplant in the World

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If you are going for a hair transplant, be confident about the procedure you are going to adopt! Reputed clinics and doctors should be your priority. Due to scalp trauma and medical issue, thinning and hair loss may occur in aged people. In hair transplantation, hair from the back or side of the head is moved to the bald area.

Are you losing self-confidence due to baldness? A hair transplant may enhance your personality. You will surely socialize with more reliance. We have penned down the types and techniques of the best hair transplant in the world.

Hair Transplant Ways

Slit grafts

Let’s start with a slit graft, that has 4-10 hair per graft. Small follicular units garner between 10-15 hair. Person’s units are polished, after the completion of donor garnering. The slits in the scalp are then inserted with follicular unit grafts.

Micro grafts

Next is micrograft,1-2 hair per graft according to the part of the scalp needed to be covered. Hair grafts are removed from the donor’s hair and inserted in the receiver with a small drill. To give a natural look, smaller grafts are inserted in front of the head and larger grafts in the back of the head.

Different Techniques of Hair Transplant

Follicular unit strip surgery/Follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction are two main techniques of hair transplant.

FUSS-Follicular Unit Strip Surgery

Unit of hair is removed from the donor area, usually, the backside of the head by the use of a scalpel, as the backside is naturally resistant to baldness that’s why this technique is named “Strip Technique”. Each unit with a few strands of hair on them, divided into thousands of mini grafts.

For this process a cut is made on the optical side of the skull, laterly closed by stitches while you are in anesthesia.

According to the area needed to be covered, the procedure may take one or more than one session. FUSS is done approximately in 4-8 hours.

Demerits in FUSS-Follicular unit strip surgery

  • The technique leaves a lengthy scar.
  • Once the bandage is removed these scars are clearly visible.
  • If a person wants short hair, the mark may become more prominent.
  • The new growing hairs are thin as compared to your original hairs.

Merits of FUSS-Follicular unit strip surgery

  • A large number of grafts are removed in this method without changing the donor’s look.
  • Without disturbing the donor site, an experienced surgeon can remove thousands of grafts in one surgical session.
  • Hair from the DHT-resistant area of the scalp can be removed from the scalp.

FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction

 A punch tool that is one millimeter in diameter is used to pick one follicular unit from the donor area. In this technique, there is no need for stitches, and marks are less prominent.

For people who want to implant hair in a specific area or may have alopecia, FUE is the best hair transplant in the world as it will not leave traces and is a more definite process. And scars may heal in just two days. Results may be seen in one or two days.

Demerits in FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction

  • This technique comes with a single drawback that it cannot be done in people with advanced alopecia.
  • People with a high level of baldness cannot adopt FUE.
  • The density of hair from the donor area can be decreased if multiple hairs remove from that area.
  • End result will be a patchy moth appearance.

Merits of FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction

  • It assures a natural look, while no other look gives an accurate look.
  • Recent tools are used and lessen the pain without scars.
  • After 14 days, the individual who goes through the FUE can resume their normal activities and this is quite an important advantage of surgery.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Hair Transplant

Generally, FUE and FUSS cost $4000-$15000, as it depends on different factors. Below are some points that usually affect the cost of these transplant techniques that you can opt for.

  1. Quantity Of Hair Being Moved

It depends on the number of patches to be filled with hairs on the scalp. Like if only one patch of some centimeters needs to be filled it will cost less and if more than one patch it will cost more.

  1. Surgeons

Do proper research before going through hair transplantation to check for a better surgeon. Charges may vary from doctor to doctor but it is not assured that high charges give you 100 percent results.

  1. Types of Hair Transplant that you Adopt

FUSS and FUE are two techniques you can adapt depending on your requirement for hair transplantation. Each technique has different costs.

  1. Location

The areas with high living costs may have high charges of surgery. Competition can affect prizes, where hair transplant surgeons are less expensive. The best hair transplant in the world is practiced in turkey.

  1. Traveling cost

Commonly hair transplant is not offered far and wide. So if you want to avail this method then you have to travel. Travelling will affect overall treatment charges and increase your expenses. Sometimes it is important to travel to get satisfactory results.

The Final Words!

That’s all about hair transplantation. I hope you will get all your queries answered. FUSS and FUE are two techniques and FUE is a better option for people who have less baldness. While FUSS leaves marks on the scalp. Furthermore, it will not leave any scar on the scalp. Most people go for FUE as it is recommended as the best hair transplant in the world.

With this sufficient knowledge, you can avail the technique that fits exactly your requirements and needs. The cost of hair transplant for both techniques are different depending on different situations. These surgeries are considered to be safe when they are done by experienced surgeons. But like other surgeries, it also carries risks like bleeding, infection, bumps on the scalp, and unnatural growth of hair. After surgery, some precautionary measures must be considered. In the end, overall treatment charges depend on the experienced surgeon, location where you live, and type of transplant that you want to adopt. If you are suffering from other diseases your doctor may not recommend you process of transplantation.

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